Testy Kamala snaps at anchor who cried with joy at her inaugural


Kamala Harris’s week flaunting her foreign affairs credentials was awful, terrible, and god-awful. The Guatemalan President scolded her, and even Lester Holt caught her in a lie. She told illegal-aliens-to-be “Don’t Come” and a reporter in Mexico City fawned over her, saying she voted for her, but, as it happens, she wasn’t a reporter. It seems she is an intern and Harris was told beforehand, although she hadn’t acted like she knew.

After all that, she became angry with another admiring reporter. Snippy Kamala became testy with a Univision anchor who cried with joy at her inauguration.

The question was on the border, naturally. She’s the new border csar and ignores the border.

HARRIS: I’ve said I’m going to go to the border. And, I…

CALDERON: When are you going to go to the border, Vice President?

HARRIS: The Administration has asked… I’m not finished. I’ve said I’m going to the border.

She keeps saying she has to solve the core problems that cause illegal aliens to come, but we can’t even solve our own problems. In any case, the reasons are obvious. The people can get more out of coming here and they’ve been invited in by the Biden administration with no fear of deportation.

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Right Turn Clyde
Right Turn Clyde
1 year ago

Historic! Umm…umm…umm.

1 year ago

Heels Up Harris is showing all the signs of being scared Shitless at the Possibility she may become President. If there is any sanity left in DC, it won’t be for long!

Dee Dee
1 year ago

How very un-vice presidential. Harris is not used to being called on the carpet for lying. She was downright rude and condescending. But hey, she hasn’t been to Europe either!