Far more deaths from drugs than COV in shuttered San Fran


San Francisco residents are dying from drug overdoses this past year, far more than those 173 who have died from COVID-19 so far, SFGate reports. While the city is completely locked down over COV, who cares about the drug problem?

According to statistics reported by The Associated Press, a record-high number of 621 people died from overdoses in 2020 compared to the 173 who have died from COVID-19.

In 2019, 441 people died from drug overdoses in the city, which gives 2020 the grim distinction of having experienced a staggering increase of more than 40%. The overdose statistics of 2019 were a 70% increase from those in 2018.

“The data reflects the number of times people report using Narcan to the Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project, a city-funded program that coordinates San Francisco’s response to overdose or return to refill their supply,” the AP reported. They were referencing the medicine used to reverse opioid overdoses.

“Officials at the DOPE Project said that since the numbers are self-reported, they are probably a major undercount.”

The overdoses afflict every part of San Francisco, which is under a total stay-at-home order. Most of the deaths are among the poor.


Now they have a communist district attorney who followed a complete fool of a police chief.

San Francisco is known for vagrants who sleep in strangers’ cars, poop wherever they like and leave hypodermic needles everywhere.

The city with one of the most beautiful skylines in the world is going down thanks to progressive policies. The city has a poop map to help visitors and people living in the city avoid the areas with the most excrement. Waste blankets in the city and crime are up.

Mayor London Breed promised to clean up the syringes and spent $1.8 million to retrieve needles. But they still gave out two million more syringes than they gave out. That is with a 300 percent increase in needles returned and a 100 percent increase in needles picked up in the cleaning.

Syringes still pop up in parks, on sidewalks, in restrooms, and the call center received 9,659 calls about needles citywide in 2018, up about a third from 2017.

They hand out 16,000 syringes a day, and that is 500,000 more than the year before. A total of 5.8 million syringes were handed out last year.

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