Fauci et al might have sabotaged hydroxy trials and people died


Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease bureaucrat, and other doctors who colluded with him, might have deliberately sabotaged two important hydroxychloroquine studies — if information in an op-ed by Dr. Meryl Nass is accurate.

In a recent detailed article by former New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade described how two short pieces published in March 2020 — one in The Lancet and one in Nature Medicine — determined how they would handle the narrative about the origins of COV.

Obviously, the articles only promoted the premise that COV evolved in nature and spread from an animal to a human, even though the Wuhan lab specializes in manipulating coronaviruses in bats.

They told us we were to believe the Chinese people eat diseased bats in a market and were responsible for the spread of the disease. This was despite the fact that the market is only a few miles from the Wuhan Institute of Virology where gain-of-function research takes place in unsecured conditions.

Never mind that there was ZERO evidence the disease spread from animal to human.


Meryl Nass, MD writes in The Defender, “These two extraordinarily influential pieces, each published under the heading “correspondence,” were parroted by mainstream media for a year. Both were plainly intended to shut down any discussion of the possibility that the virus originated in a lab.

In fact, Nass notes that the NIH director, Fauci’s boss, said it should put an end to the conspiracy theories about the lab origin.

It Was Daszak

Nass believes there was a hidden author and believes we know who it was – Peter Daszak, the CEO of EcoHealth Alliance which funded the Wuhan lab in part. Daszak was also enthusiastic about gain-of-function experiments.

“Daszak, like Fauci, earned more than $400,000/year. He was also a member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COVID origins investigative team, and had been selected as the head of the Lancet COVID origins investigative team, which appears now to be dead in the water,” Nass said.

“The WHO and the Lancet thus seem to be co-conspirators, choosing the fox (Daszac) to guard the henhouse (the theory that COVID evolved in nature),” according to Nass

The newly-released Fauci emails back up Nass’s suspicions in large part, although they are being greatly downplayed by the media.


Fauci runs the NIAID, Collins is the NIH director (nominally Fauci’s boss) and Farrar is director of the Wellcome Trust.

Dr. Farrar was one of the signers of the Lancet letter. He is chair of the WHO’s R&D Blueprint Scientific Advisory Group, which made him a key figure in the WHO’s Solidarity trial, in which 1,000 unwitting subjects were overdosed with hydroxychloroquine, possibly in order to sink the use of that drug for COVID.

Farrar had worked in Vietnam, where there was plenty of malaria, and he had also been involved with SARS-1 there. He additionally was central in setting up the UK Recovery trial, where 1,600 subjects were overdosed with hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Nass says.

In both trials, a total of 500 patients died.

Since Farrar worked in Vietnam, he should have known the proper dosages of hydroxychloroquine. Even if he didn’t, Farrar, Fauci, and Collins knew about the overdosed patients in Brazil. That was widely broadcast.

“Yet the Solidarity and Recovery hydroxychloroquine trials continued into June, stopping only after their extreme doses were exposed.


“Fauci made sure to control the treatment guidelines for COVID that came out of the NIAID, advising against both chloroquine drugs and ivermectin. Fauci’s NIAID also canceled the first large-scale trial of hydroxychloroquine treatment in early disease, after only 20 of the expected 2,000 subjects were enrolled,” Nass writes.

The conspiracy goes much deeper than just Dr. Fauci — if this is true. It includes Drs. Collins, Ferrar, Daszak, the authors of the Nature paper, the editors, the WHO, and the Wellcome Trust. They all colluded in this. (See the recent drop of emails)

Why in the world did these doctors keep Americans from receiving drugs that could have saved their lives? They could have saved so many lives. The latest studies indicate that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin do help tremendously in treating COV patients if given in a timely manner. They have deaths on their hands.

These men are all very intelligent and their innocent act doesn’t fly. We need answers. If this isn’t the case, then these doctors have to start answering questions instead of just blaming Trump supporters.

In this next brief clip, a doctor tells Laura Ingraham about the value of hydroxychloroquine in treating COV:

This clip reviews a new study showing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COV.

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