Fauci says attacking him is attacking science and truth


In a last-ditch effort to protect himself from the COV revelations exposing him as a fraud, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Chuck Todd that “Attacks on me are attacks on science” and “truth.”

He’s a megalomaniac still trying to silence people.

Fauci always falls back on how science changes as new information is discovered but he was wrong on almost everything most of the time. He also engaged in what appears to be a cover-up.

He might have even sabotaged the Hydroxychloroquine trials.


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2 years ago

Fauci has known what he was doing from day one; covering up a Biological Weapons program financed on the soil of a Hostile Nation with taxpayer money. Who is Fauci working for our Government of the Chinese Government? One thing is obvious, Fauci has not been working for the American People.

Ivan de Plume as Poncho de Pluey
Ivan de Plume as Poncho de Pluey
2 years ago

Corporate logos on everything! Make it part of Wakanda.
Supreme court, holograms of logos on the WH and Capitol.
Questioning an annointed apparatchik nomenklatura is wrongthink.
You will be ruled by “experts” who are of a high priestly class with arcane knowledge now stare intently at the white (racist!) coat.
If you are lucky tonight’s newz will have that piece of information to save you from all of the fear porn, tune in at 1800hrs (6PM) and pay attention.