FBI Planned the “Sabotage” of the Hunter Laptop Story


Ron Johnson spoke with Rob Schmitt last night on Newsmax to explain exactly how bad the FBI concealment of the Hunter Biden Laptop story is. It was planned well in advance. The FBI had the laptop by December 2019 and knew exactly what was in it. They planned to “sabotage” the story should it become public.

The FBI is the enforcement wing of the Democrat Party.

By August 2020, they had the scheme to downplay the laptop story as the presidential election approached. They actively worked to get a compromised candidate in the Oval Office.

“That same month, they provided both Sen. (Charles) Grassley and I an unsolicited and completely unnecessary briefing…You might have some foreign actors, hacking computers and then spreading that around as disinformation, you know? Information on certain people like oh, I don’t know, maybe Hunter Biden.”

We know that Facebook and Twitter got the same warning.

The FBI was “doing everything they could to play us, to dissuade us from ever looking at the laptop.” It worked in putting off Republicans. The GOP didn’t go for it right away.

“They never told us a word,” he said. “They never told us that they actually had (the laptop). So again, the FBI is corruption and complicity in this whole cover-up of Hunter Biden.”

This is what Big Media calls a nothing burger! Read on!


When Christopher Wray was questioned, he wouldn’t answer, left the hearing before it was over, and jetted off on a vacation. That hubris shows that the FBI has more power than Congress. The FBI is corrupt and has become a power unto itself.

Let’s not forget the 50 agents who said the laptop had all the earmarks of a “Russian Disinformation” operation.

Victor Davis Hanson called the FBI Biden’s Stasi, but it’s more like the Stasi controls Biden. Let’s include the other agencies like the 17 intelligence agencies and the IRS in the Stasi.

Hanson said we’re not a Republic any longer. We are transitioning into a radical democracy. He didn’t say it, but the FBI establishes us as a police state that can sabotage anyone for any reason. You can see Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over this transition. It’s planned.

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11 months ago

When Hoover Died. Nixon was going to “Defang” the FBI. The FBI turned a two bit burglary done by the Plumbers (ex FBI and ex CIA) into a major story that took out a President. The Media was “used” by a character called “Deep Throat” who turned out to be Hoover’s number Two man – W. Mark Felt.

When it looked like President Trump was going after FBI Power in his second term the FBI went after President Trump. It’s likely the FBI and CIA were key players in the 2020 Election Steal. If for no other reason, not looking into the Obvious Fraud. but I doubt it stopped there. Both William P. Barr and Christopher Wray were inside the Beltway Bureaucrats who protected the FBI at all cost.
In reality, the FBI isn’t really Democrat or Republican. It is all about the FBI as a Bureaucracy which is why the FBI MUST BE defunded and dismantled. The FBI has become so powerful that the Congress, the Courts, and the Presidency no long have control over it. It can even get away with threatening Congress for funding. Any Congressman, voting not to defund the FBI is compromised, or scared of the FBI just making stuff up. The simple fact is that the FBI and DoJ are Rouge Bureaucracies which are the core of the Deep State and the reason why the Founding Fathers left Law Enforcement to the States. A FBI is not an enumerated function of the Federal Government.

Look at the FBI and DoJ prosecution of the 6 January 2021 Protestors. Russia no long has Gulags, but have them in Washington DC. J6 wasn’t an Insurrection, the only ones with guns were the Government and the only person killed with a gun was a Protestor by the Government. The way I see it, FBI and Capitol Police basically staged a False Flag Black Op, then went after innocent people and charged them with Insurrection to intimidate America! So far they have done a good job of that. There are now even Conservative Commentators in the Media who are now Scared to put America First. They are scared of the Government! If you are scared of your Government you are no longer free; you are little more than a house pet taught to do tricks for their master.
The Likelihood of Civil War is now around the 60% level. I moved to a Red State Surrounded by Red States for a Reason!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

This situation has been building up a long time. The criminal coverup efforts in the DOJ were the key to the failure of the nation. By definition, anything the DOJ covered up is Barr’s responsibility. The Newsmax report was useful, The Faux report was junk, those 2 sophist slowpokes are trying to talk philosophy (are we a republic still) instead of the crimes. I suppose those 2 think they are showing viewers that they are aware of the problem by glossing over things and pretending to be intelligent. Those 2 would have been nowhere near the laptop story 2 years ago. Intelligence involves an ability to clearly state events and draw conclusions, as Senator Johnson did.