Former Rep. Gowdy expects no prosecutions in Flynn Affair [Feds can frame you?]


Former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy told Martha MacCallum he expected no prosecutions to emerge from the bombshells in the Michael Flynn affair. We covered the Flynn case here,  here, here, and here. We believe he was framed.

Gowdy didn’t even hesitate when asked about it.

“No ma’am,” he stated emphatically when Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked him about the prospect of potential prosecutions. “I was talking to a federal prosecutor on the way over here. But we have got to not only associate accountability with prosecutions,” he said in frustration.  “I think being a terrible FBI agent and treating people unfairly, maybe it ought to be a crime, but I don’t think it is a crime.”

Would it surprise anyone if nothing happens? It’s apparently okay to frame a top official in an administration you hate. There is also the fact that Comey and Strzok perjured themselves.

On the other hand, Gowdy is a waste of time. This was a coup and Michael Flynn was framed. That is not legal.

Gowdy did call for accountability.

“The takeaway is the next time the FBI says, ‘Hey, we’d like to talk,’ tell them no,” Gowdy said. “Say, ‘When you clean up your act, when you quit trying to get people fired and see what you can get away with, we’ll start treating you like a dispassionate law-enforcement agency. But until then, no thanks, we’re done talking with you.’”

If you are ever asked to speak to the FBI or even the police at this point, lawyer up, unless you’re a Democrat, then you’re fine.


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