Fox & Friends Host Points Out that Rashida Tlaib Has a Hamas Agenda


Rashida Tlaib, the communistic and often unhinged representative from Michigan was once accused of election fraud by her father [see below], has spent her time in Congress trashing the USA, Israel, and the President. She told her young son the President is a “m*F*er.”

She recently suggested Israel doesn’t have the right to exist if it is to the “detriment of Palestine.” Tlaib has a lot of terrorist friends.

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth said on the show today that Tlaib has a Hamas agenda.

With a little luck, she will be gone soon.

She won Rep. John Conyers seat, running unopposed in the general election. Tlaib barely won the primary against Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones. There were five other candidates, Black candidates, who were taking votes from each other. Tlaib won by only 900 votes. Allegedly, she won without any Black votes.

Partially funded by leftist George Soros, MoveOn has endorsed Tlaib for re-election, but this next election will so far have only one Black candidate. Blacks make up the majority of the district and while Tlaib has been trying to appropriate the Black history of slavery, it might not be enough to win them over against a viable Black opponent.  She might be gone soon, reducing the communist squad to 3 — AOC, Omar, and Pressley [sometimes Jayapal].




  1. How much more of the media/dem/rino/anti-republic crap do you think the US can put up with from it’s internal enemies before it cracks and becomes just another “sh*thole country”…

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