Fox News is losing it



Fox News is aiding and abetting the left with their choice of “analysts” and “commentators.” But, if they are trying to get Biden elected, it’s not working. People who watch Fox generally hate their left-wing blatherskites like Marie Harf, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, Chris Wallace, and on and on.

I couldn’t watch the 10 pm hour of analysis of the two conventions with Brazile, Chris Wallace, and other lefties. It’s just propaganda and screaming.


Former DNC chair Donna Brazile, who left the position in disgrace, lost her mind on Tuesday’s Fox & Friends. She was asked about the DNC’s failure to address and accept responsibility for the anarchy, rioting, looting, burning, and deaths resulting from the Democratic Party’s push to empty the prisons and defund the police. Brazile, who once fed upcoming debate questions to Hillary, screamed irrationally at Tammy Bruce and Brian Kilmeade.

She claimed someone was erasing her history. It was nuts.

When she disagreed with the RNC chair not so long ago, she told her — Ronna McDaniel — to ‘go to Hell,’ repeated it on Fox, and stayed on the air.

Juan Williams has been blaming Republicans for the Democrat uprising in major cities and ranted recently about QAnon violence. No one knows who they are or of any violence. It’s absurdly, stupidly ridiculous. The violence is coming from antifa and Black Lives Matter but he ignores them.

Fox is unwatchable for the right-wing on the weekends as I have reported many times. They can no longer be trusted for honest news and analysis. They investigate nothing for the most part. But we still have Tucker, Hannity, and Laura! And Fox & Friends is often good. Come back from the dark side Fox!

President Trump has criticized them repeatedly but they just keep moving left.

To be fair, we will give Chris Wallace this clip:

We know what’s going and we’re not stupid:



  1. We are not right wing, they are left wing. We support traditional values and national sovereignty. They are the ones who have moved to the extreme, supporting the coup and nationwide violence.

    • I agree. I’m sick and tired of traditional conservatives and Patriots being labeled as right-wingers–which leads to the next smear of white supremacists.

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