Global Rule! Pandemic Treaty Will Be Complete by the End of 2024


THE 2005 International Health Regulations’ amendments were adopted. The full, revised version of the IHR can be found here. It’s all bad. They want our money.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, they abandoned protocol, procedures, rules, and time periods to push this through. They also rejected information from critics, such as Drs. Malone, McCullough, and others.

The amendments were devised behind closed doors and then submitted without proper time for review. They didn’t even hold an actual vote.

Tedros is a communist, a tyrant. He’s lying to us.


As for the “pandemic treaty,” the negotiations were extended until the next WHA at the latest. The objective is to reach an agreement by the end of 2024.

The next round of meetings is scheduled to take place in July, as per this official announcement. It may be delayed, but it’s still on.

To get rid of this thing, individual states might have to pass laws because the federal government is in the hands of tyrants.


Dr. Malone explains, but you can read them yourself here.

The IHR amendments retain troubling language regarding censorship. These provisions have been buried in Annex 1, A.2.c., which requires State Parties to “develop, strengthen and maintain core capacities . . . in relation to . . . surveillance . . . and risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation.”

The requirement that nations “address” “misinformation and disinformation” is fraught with opportunities for abuse. None of these terms is defined in the document. Does “addressing” it means censoring it and possibly punishing those who have offered divergent opinions? We have already seen how doctors and scientists who disagreed with the WHO narrative under Covid 19 were censored for their views – views that turned out to be true. Some who offered protocols not recommended by the WHO even had their licenses to practice medicine threatened or suspended. How much worse will this censorship be if it is baked in as a requirement to the International Health Regulations?

The “surveillance” requirement does not specify what is to be surveilled. The IHR amendments, however, should be read together with the proposed Pandemic Treaty, which the WHO is continuing to negotiate.

Article 5 of the most recent draft of the Treaty sets forth the “One Health Approach,” which connects and balances human, animal, plant, and environmental health, giving a pretext for surveillance on all these fronts.

Meanwhile, Article 4: Pandemic Prevention and Public Health Surveillance, states:

The Parties recognize that environmental, climatic, social, anthropogenic [climate change caused by people], and economic factors increase the risk of pandemics and endeavor to identify these factors and take them into consideration in the development and implementation of relevant policies . . .” Through the “One Health” approach, the WHO is asserting its authority over all aspects of life on earth, all of which are apparently to be surveilled.

Regarding the IHR, Article 35 details the requirements of “Health Documents,” including those in digital format. The system of digital health documents is consistent with, and in my opinion, a precursor to, the Digital IDs described by the World Economic Forum.

According to the attached WEF Chart, people will need a Digital ID to:
  • Access healthcare insurance and treatment
  • Open bank accounts and carry out online transactions
  • Travel
  • Access Humanitarian Services
  • Shop and conduct business transactions
  • Participate in social media
  • Pay taxes, vote, collect government benefits
  • Own a communication device [such as a cell phone or a computer]

In other words, we will need a digital ID to do anything. The World Health Organization and EU are rolling them out NOW.

Globalists will attend committee sessions: Member States, the United Nations and its specialized agencies, and other relevant intergovernmental organizations or nongovernmental organizations in official relations.


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