GoFundMe’s Under Investigation, GiveSendGo Racks Up Trucker Funds! Justice?


Senator Ted Cruz is demanding the FTC launch an investigation into GoFundMe for seizing the Freedom Convoy 2022 funds of over $10 million. The crowdsourcing platform is currently returning the money to donors after they first demanded donors fill out a form requesting it. That doesn’t change the fact that seven Republican Attorneys General are going to investigate them. At the same time, the funds for the truckers are rapidly pouring in to GiveSendGo.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said he sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking for an investigation into GoFundMe after the for-profit crowdfunding platform ended the fundraiser for Canadian truckers.

“Today I sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission asking that the FTC open an investigation into GoFundMe into whether they’ve committed deceptive trade practices,” Cruz told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Because when people gave money, they gave money under the promise it would go to the Freedom Convoy, not to whatever left-wing political ideology GoFundMe and other Silicon Valley companies support. They are deceiving consumers and it is wrong,” he said.

Does he have a point? The truckers took on this protest believing they would be able to pay for their food and fuel with these funds. Then, because of leftist officials, they caved. There was no such caving with the violent, communist Capitol Hill occupiers (CHAZ/CHOP).

The truckers don’t need GoFundMe.


GoFundMe’s misbehavior got more publicity for the protest and the stalwart truckers who are ignoring threats of imprisonment by officials as they continue the protest into the eighth day.

The goal is $16,000,000 since the truckers plan to stay until they win. In the past day, GiveSendGo raised $3,234,617 and that’s with constant DDOS and bot attacks. The stability of the fundraising page is much better. Rumble offered to help and that could be why. They are raising the money much faster than the leftist crowdfunding source, GoFundMe.

Canadian TV host, author, reporter, Ezra Levant believes that Justin Trudeau is responsible for GoFundMe seizing the Freedom Convoy funds. However, the more immediate link is the leftist Mayor of Ottawa and his staff.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly admits on City Council livestream that the Mayor and his staff were responsible for getting the GoFundMe program shut down.

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