Goodbye Columbus! Rasmussen puts Biden 12 points ahead


This poll is deeply concerning since the pollsters are conservatives and the poll was one of two that accurately predicted Trump’s victory in 2016. They show Biden leading nationally by 12 points.


President Trump must come out and explain what is at stake. We will lose our freedoms.

Biden will cancel Trump’s tax cuts which means a $4 trillion raise in taxes on middle-class families. He is pro-China manufacturing. Biden wants psychiatrists and social workers to take over some of the police calls which is the road to defunding.

He will open the floodgates and let people come illegally and will then give them free healthcare. Private insurance will disappear.

He calls Antifa an “idea” and won’t say ‘law and order’ or mention BLM or Antifa. Biden claimed falsely in Gettysburg this week that white supremacists are the real danger.

He will destroy the suburbs and it’s not a problem because suburbanites are all racists as Michelle Obama would have us believe. They’re the racists.

Biden has agreed to most of Bernie Sanders demands and AOC believes strongly, along with many others, that they can push all the way far-left.

Kamala Harris is spouting communist policies and she will likely take over before Biden’s term is done. It is true that she is now further left than communist Bernie (Democratic Socialists support a communist agenda).

The hard-left will take a Biden victory as permission to go full-bore hard-left.

It will also mean down ballots will go Biden’s way. Losing the Senate and presidency means losing the Electoral College, making the Senate a permanent Democrat Party entity, destroying the filibuster, stacking the Supreme Court, taking our guns and our freedom of speech. It is not what I am saying or making up. They said this is what they want and will do.

Expect more ‘protests’ by BLM and Antifa until Biden does everything they want.

Forget school choice — the left and their communist teachers’ unions will have none of it.

He is winning by hiding in his basement. Biden clearly has mental issues.

We are in the midst of a color revolution.

You were warned.

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