Google v. Bing v. DuckDuckGo searches for ‘Rand Paul’ – who just got a death threat


A suspicious package was sent to Rand Paul and with it was a death threat. He has been attacked and threatened several times, including by a neighbor. A C-list pop icon Richard Marx has been calling for violence against him on social media. Rand Paul appropriately made note of it since the death threat followed. He didn’t accuse him personally, but the suggestion is one of his followers took him up on it.

Paul said he has to take these threats seriously.

A search of the name ‘Rand Paul’ by Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go, all turned up the same nasty, misleading articles about the threat.

We did the same search as Mr. Elliott of Grabien and he’s right, all of the same articles popped up.

At the least, a lot of Leftists want him to give up and go. And obviously, all three search engines have fallen in line. At least Duck Duck Go will eventually give you other sites besides the state-approved sites.

This is a terribly sad state of affairs:

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