Gov Abbott to cut funding to legislative branch unless they return to work


Texas Democrats left the House floor to block a voter integrity bill. Democrats did the same thing in Wisconsin in 2011, only, in that case, most of the Democrats went into hiding in another state.

The goal of the Texas lawmakers is to block the passage of a voting rights bill that secures the vote. It’s one of the best in the nation. It requires a voter ID.

The TX Senate passed SB7 on Sunday by a vote of 18-13.

Governor Abbott will hold a special session to get the bill passed since they missed the deadline due to the walkout.

When Democrats don’t get their way, they storm off instead of following the rules.

Governor Abbott announced on Monday that he will cut funding for the Texas legislative branch following the late-night walkout. No work, no pay.

Greg Abbott reminds us that the last person who did this was Wendy Davis, “We all know how that story ended.”

She ran for governor and lost handily.

Wendy Davis is now out promoting the House Democrats abrogation of duty on Twitter and is calling the voter integrity law a ‘Jim Crow’ law. She wants to see us “save our democracy” with unsecured dropboxes everywhere and mail-in voting for all — without voter ID, of course.

The bill contains common-sense reforms as Dan Crenshaw points out, which is why they will never say what’s in it..

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