Here We Go Again! Dems Churn Up Terror in NYC with a Mask Mandate


Omicron, the new variant, is so far mild and not putting people in hospitals. It is one of many, many variants. COV is a virus and it keeps mutating. It’s likely endemic but appears to be lessening in terms of ferocity. Whether that is because of the vaccine or natural immunity or weakening mutations in general, the fact that it is mild. It doesn’t matter, Democrats are building up a crescendo of terror-filled warnings. New York City just went back to indoor mask mandates, and unelected Gov. Hochul is setting the stage for more draconian rules.

The South African doctor who discovered Omicron said it’s probably all over the world already. She mocked those who are overreacting.

It doesn’t matter that it’s not a threat yet, although it is unusual and could get worse.

Political hack Dr. Fauci said yesterday on Meet the Press and This Week that nothing is off the table, including lockdowns.

The markets are burning up, the inept president is canceling travel from 8 African nations, and Governor Hochul lobbied the first shot across the bow. Hochul is suggesting hospitals prepare by canceling elective surgeries.

New York City’s Health Commissioner Dr. Chokshi issued a mask advisory, saying New Yorkers should wear masks at all times when inside in public settings. He said that includes people who are vaccinated or those who had already had COVID.

The health commissioner also urged people to get tested, especially after holiday travel and gatherings.

Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday while there are no known cases in New York City, it’s only a matter of time.

Hochul is also churning up the hysteria. It’s in time for the mail-in balloting fraud to take place November 2022. It worked so well in 2020.

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