Hey, I’m Rick Wilson, a “grifter since 1987”


Lincoln Project is a group of never Trumpers who were once globalist Republicans who couldn’t quite make it to the big time. But mostly, they were always nasty grifters. It’s great that they are now associated with the left where they always belonged.

The leaders of the Project are George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver. They think they have street creds because they claim to be Republicans. Meanwhile, they are also working to turn the Senate over to the Socialist Democrats as well as the presidency. They say it’s punishment for Republicans who support Donald Trump.

Wilson once tried to get a ban on Dominos because Kayleigh McEnany complimented them years ago and they thanked her in a tweet.

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller called out Rick Wilson and comrades as grifters:


He’s just a grifter looking for a payoff and he found it with the hard-left.

Tucker also called out Wilson. Lincoln Project is Wilson’s road to success, something he couldn’t find as a globalist Republican. He’s a grifter who now works with the hard-left fundraisers and claims to be a Republican.

As Tucker said, Wilson now hates Trump supporters.

Rick Wilson’s wife Molly says the South will rise again:

Molly Wilson’s tweets:

She’s nasty:

She loves gay jokes:



  1. Bwahah! LULz thanks to Arthur Schwartz. I’m the Stranger and I have been a High Plains Drifter since 1973.
    These wolves in sheep’s clothing RINOs and other smoke and mirrors don’t work in the internet age.
    Someone should give them the memo.

  2. These people have some financial interest in what they are doing.

    Wilson has written obscene tweets, indicating what type of person he is.

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