Hillary Clinton Really Wants to Take Trump Out


I watched she-devil Hillary Clinton speak with Mika on Morning Joe so you wouldn’t have to. As usual, she’s obsessed with Donald Trump.

She began by saying, “The future is so intense for those of us who understand what’s at stake, and I don’t mean that in a, you know, a derogatory way to others, but if you’ve been in this world as you and I have, and you’ve studied it, and you’ve watched it, is a very difficult time right now. You know, justice delayed is justice denied…”

Only Progressives like Hillary understand the world.

“And the people in our country, it looks as though will most likely go to vote without knowing the outcome of these other very serious trials and the one that what’s going on now currently in New York is really about election interference. It is about trying to prevent the people of our country from having relevant information that may have influenced how they could have voted in 2016 or whether they would have voted.”

The ridiculous Manhattan case didn’t affect the election.

“And he’s practically promised us if you listen to him at his rallies, you read his interview with Time magazine that if he doesn’t like the way the election turns out, he’s going to do something again to try to prevent the lawful winner from taking office.

“I mean, I was Secretary of State traveling around the world on behalf of our country trying to persuade leaders to believe in democracy, to believe in the peaceful transfer of power, to accept election results after appropriate challenges were made and, you know, Trump had all the time in the world to make those challenges, and he was shut down by courts.”

Hillary’s a threat to democracy. She’s a scary, vengeful individual. Trevor Loudon said Hillary and Bill spent time in Soviet Russia when they were young and were turned.

“He was denied by Republican as well as Democratic election officials,” Hillary continued, “because there was no evidence this is all about power, how to get it, how to keep it, how not to give it up. That is so opposite of everything we believe or should believe in our country, about how we are a nation of laws, not of men…”

Hillary is very concerned that the Supreme Court is taking too long in deciding Donald Trump doesn’t have immunity.

Hillary can’t get over losing out on the presidency to him.

Here Are the 34 Reasons She Lost the Election, according to comments she made immediately after the election. (Notice that none of them are due to her poor performance and inadequate campaigning.)

There are likely more, but this is a pretty solid collection that she cited.

All the reasons Hillary thinks she lost in 2016:
  1. The FBI
  2. Jim Comey
  3. The Russians and troll farms
  4. Americans who colluded with the Russians
  5. Potential Trump campaign collusion with Russia
  6. Putin anti-American forces
  7. Low information voters especially snookered Trump voters
  8. Voter suppression
  9. Everyone who assumed she’d win and didn’t vote
  10. Bad polling numbers
  11. Obama for winning two terms
  12. Obama for telling her not to take on Bernie Sanders
  13. Bernie Sanders
  14. People wanting change
  15. Misogynists
  16. Suburban women
  17. The NY Times
  18. TV execs
  19. Cable news
  20. Netflix
  21. All media
  22. Fake news, especially Fox News
  23. Democrats are not making the right documentaries
  24. Facebook
  25. Twitter
  26. Wikileaks
  27. Content farms in Macedonia
  28. The Republican Party
  29. The Democratic Party
  30. Matt Lauer
  31. GOP donor Rebekah Mercer
  32. Donald Trump
  33. Justice Roberts
  34. Benghazi was merely a political football.

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