HULU Rewrites the American Revolution with 1619 Leftist NHJ


Nikole Hannah Jones, NHJ

An economic and political historian, Phil Magness, watched HULU’s – Nikole Hannah Jones’ (NHJ) fabricated 1619 history and later tweeted the first lies presented as ‘history.’ Hulu and NHJ are trying to make the American Revolution about slavery instead of freedom from Britain. It even claims the British weren’t the big slavers that they were. They were the biggest in the world.

False historian Nikole Hannah Jones, NHJ, claims Lord Dunmore was an “emancipator.” He was the opposite — an “enslaver.”

“Both @nhannahjones and @woodyholtonusc assert explicit parallels between Dunmore and Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation. This stretches the evidence beyond all recognition. Dunmore’s measure saw very limited use & only freed slaves on the condition of military service,” Magness writes on Twitter.

Before you get catatonic over the details, remember that every totalitarian dictator who conquered a nation first destroyed the nation’s belief system by rewriting history, tearing down statues, and replacing them with hard-left ideologues.

NHJ and her collaborator took one line out of context to LIE.

Phil Magness Corrects the Record

Another misleading portrayal is the Hulu series’ filming location. Hannah-Jones interviews Holton at the colonial governor’s mansion in Williamsburg, strongly implying these events took place there. They didn’t. Dunmore had fled to a British ship and issued the order from exile.

In fact, Dunmore had been living aboard the William – a ship off of Norfolk – since he fled Williamsburg on June 8, 1775. Dunmore did not issue his proclamation until November 7th. In other words, he had already lost the colony and was “governing” from exile on a navy ship.

Rewatched the segment, and…hoo-boy. Holton points at the governor’s mansion in Williamsburg, claiming that Dunmore issued his proclamation from this building as a sign of its significance. None of this is true. Dunmore fled months earlier & issued it from exile aboard a ship! The presentation is almost intentionally imprecise. They dance around the whole “one of the causes” controversy by only focusing on Dunmore and handwaving aside everything else about the Revolution. An uninformed viewer would absolutely think that Dunmore was a mass emancipator.

While governor of the Bahamas, he used his position to seize slaves from his political opponents and reallocate them to his friends.

This is only the first in a series of fake historical rewrites. It’s done for ignominious purposes. It will get worse as the series plays out.

Teach your children accurate history because you can’t expect the schools to do it. Better yet, home tutor.

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3 months ago


3 months ago

IMDB shut down comments! It can be rated but comments not allowed. Everyone head over to IMDB “1619” put in one star. 

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
3 months ago

Nobody wishes Negroes had not been brought to the New World more than white people.

3 months ago
Reply to  Alej Marcos

Isn’t that the truth.

Judge Thomas and Ginnie

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Too few American know the history of or country and therefore do not treasure what we have. It like a fourth generation rich kid that has know idea how the future (our time) was made, just how to waste it away.