Hunter Biden Sits in on White House Meetings


MSNBC just reported that Hunter Biden, a drug addict and a convicted felon, has been sitting in on Joe Biden’s meetings in the White House. This began after the debate last week.

Unelected “convicted felon” and coke head Hunter Biden is sitting in on Joe Biden’s White House meetings and conversations. Hunter is participating in meetings without security clearance.

We now know for certain that the Hunter laptop is real. Laptop clips show him smoking crack and seem to prove he was committing crimes. Hunter appears to have tried to sell US fossil fuel assets to the Chinese Communist Party. He received millions of dollars from enemy countries, including China and Russia. He was involved in potential influence scandals and money laundering crimes. Hunter is a national security threat.

As Wesley Hunt posted on x, “The same Hunter Biden who was convicted on felony gun charges, has a long public record of drug abuse, skipped out on child support, and dodged federal income taxes, is now sitting in on senior meetings at the White House.”

No one voted for him, and he has no right to attend high-level meetings and conversations.

In other words, Hunter Biden could be making decisions that impact our country as an aide to Joe Biden. Joe Biden suffers from some type of brain degeneration. This is insane!

Hunter is speaking with senior White House staff. His presence completely blindsided Biden’s aides.

“One of the people familiar with the matter said Hunter Biden has been closely advising his father since the family gathered this past weekend at Camp David after Thursday’s debate,” NBC reported.

“This person said Hunter Biden has “popped into” a couple of meetings and phone calls the president has had with some of his advisers.”

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