Important! 1st federally charged Portland rioter involving a state trooper


Michelle Peterson O’Connor, a Portland hotel sales manager, 31 years of age, was charged with civil disorder. She assaulted a cross-deputized officer during a violent Antifa riot on August 24th in Portland. This is the first confirmed federal charge involving a state trooper.

This is very significant. It means these rioters will no longer escape justice despite the far-left leadership who refuse to do their jobs.

Some Oregon State Police were deputized as federal officers. This allows them to charge people like Michelle O’Connor federally.

It gives State Police the right to circumvent the new Portland prosecutor.

The far-far-left Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt stated he will decline to prosecute many misdemeanor charges and riot actions stemming from the ‘protests.’

It is still not as good as bringing in the National Guard. The Wisconsin Governor was reluctant to allow the Guard to come in but it worked. It was the end of the Kenosha riots.

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