Insurance Analyst Finds 7% Increase in Mortality with Each C19 Dose


Josh Stirling, a top insurance analyst, found a 7% increase in aggregate mortality for each C-19 dose. This is mathematics and doesn’t take in all the variables that took place during the pandemic, including the vaccine. The lockdowns and the illness itself caused poor health care, depression, and suicides. It doesn’t look at illnesses or the age of the people who died. So, one has to be careful with this. However, he correlated it to actual doses.

He used CDC data in the US and compared this year to last year. If the vaccines were neutral or helpful, you would see lower levels of mortality.

He explained that if vaccines actually reduced all-cause mortality, then the data from “highly vaccinated” states would show “lower levels of mortality” in those areas. Instead, data shows the opposite. Stirling previously noted that overall, all-cause mortality in the US rose in 2022 from 2021 by about 15%.

We certainly hope this analysis is wrong. What it definitely points to is we should be researching this more extensively.

Other people can probably present different charts that say something different.

In addition to news from Mr. Stirling, there is more on changes to menstruation and masks.


Additionally, a recent study found 40% of women experienced menstrual changes. We know from what the Pfizer executive told an undercover reporter for Project Veritas that there is concern about this. Pfizer doesn’t know why it’s happening.

This isn’t from Mr. Stirling either, but it’s new.


We’ve also put up a lot of studies showing the masks are useless, as Dr. Fauci said when all this began. However, we have a new, very extensive study, the Cochrane study, via Dr. Panda, that again states there is no evidence the masks do anything. They presented no evidence masking works for viral respiratory illnesses. The viruses are too minute.

Remember when the tyrants in charge fined people for not masking kids?

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1 year ago

And people are still getting “shots” and wearing mask. I knew America had a lot of dumb people, but COVID has really shown us how dumb the population really is.