Full-blown tyrant Joe Biden might be preparing us for The Great Reset


If you wanted to destroy the culture and financial system of the United States, you wouldn’t do anything different than what Joe Biden is doing.

Biden has bought into The Great Reset and has even adopted their slogan to Build Back Better. John Kerry made it clear that is where we are headed. Kerry said Americans voted for The Great Reset.

Watching George W. Bush today was a bit of an awakening. He’s not just angry about his brother Jeb losing the primary or insults from Donald Trump. Bush is one with the far-left Democrats. Unconcerned about the anonymous people pouring in at the border, rising prices, and soaring inflation, growing debt, infringement of freedoms, destruction of our energy sector. and the devastation of our foreign policy, he used his speech today to lash out at rioters and paraders on January 6. The suggestion was that domestic terrorism is a big threat to the United States. Perhaps these globalists are afraid Americans will rebel when they finally do engage.

Barack Obama talked about the managed decline of the United States. This is the hurried decline under Joe Biden.

We live in a country where speech is silenced, criminals and illegal aliens are preferred to citizens, and where the ruling class wants to take away our means of self-defense. They have used the pandemic to track us, mandate us out of churches, and schools, purge the military, all while insisting it can never go back to normal.

They even want to tell you what drugs to put into your body. I support vaccinations but not mandating when it’s hardly necessary.

Is this preparing us for The Great Reset? Leo Hohmann thinks so.

Investigative reporter Leo Hohmann writes:

Joe Biden is a man in obvious cognitive decline. But he is not crazy, stupid, or incompetent. [Actually, we think he is stupid and incompetent, but agree with him on why he’s doing what he’s doing. For over 40 years, he has been an empty suit, but a cunning politician.]

Biden knows who he is and for whom he works. He is a stooge for the global Great Reset and he is doing his job exactly as it was assigned to him by his superiors.

His job, in fact, the whole purpose of his dubious presidency, is to precipitate the following:

  • Collapse the supply chain, the dollar, and ultimately the American economy.
  • Collapse the American military and embolden enemy forces.
  • Collapse the American healthcare system.
  • Collapse the American border.

Biden is well on his way to accomplishing all four of the tasks laid out for him by his handlers, who themselves are puppets working for the goals and values of the power elites at the World Economic Forum, global corporations, the United Nations, and other globalist entities.

There are stories now leaking out that farmers are being told to destroy crops. If true, the goal could be food shortages. That is hopefully, a conspiracy theory and not reality, but nothing would surprise me at this point.


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1 year ago

Looks like a lot of us freedom fighters need to be very aware as I will not let this happen and I will fight for my freedom. We cannot lose our country. If some will not fight they best stay out of my way.

Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 year ago

I agree that Biteme is not as crazy as some think and he is followings orders from some one even George W sounds like a communist calling Trump supporters terrorists what a jerk off.The country will either go communist with Bush and Biteme or revolt and see what happens I think it will probably go communist .I do not think there are enough people with big enough ball sacks to revolt but that is all that will save the country.

1 year ago

A reset would be a return the values and attitudes that made America great. Traitor Joe is welcoming a Globalist Coup. The only possible result of that in America is Civil War.

Alej Marcos
Alej Marcos
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

… or secession. Not interested in having Northern/coastal crap as countrymen.

1 year ago

When love ones begin to suffer there will be a blowback. Plenty of cherry trees in DC and hardware stores and boat marinas sell rope.

Enrico Falcone
1 year ago

If you will take the virus, your children may be infertile.
Your male parts may fail, and you’ll certainly need a girdle.

That’s just the first part of the big change over.
There will be no more rolling over in the clover

Don’t worry about your guns or the terrorist coming.
That’s not steel guitars in the distant’s strumming.

That’s the sound of violins singing your demise.
As you see your future, die before your eyes.

It’s all been well planned and there is nothing you can do.
If your white and conservative their coming after you.