Kamala Laughs Hysterically Over Droughts


Kamala Harris finds droughts hysterical which shouldn’t come a s surprise to anyone. She laughs at all sorts of strange things. The woman who helped bail out murderers and arsonist revolutionaries thinks droughts are something to laugh about.

The important thing here is the speech was about the alleged deadly, existential threat of climate change. You can tell she takes the whole climate change crisis so seriously that it makes her laugh.

“And I remember watching in the Oakland Hills, Northern California that the the landscape turning from green to brown,” she said, “and everyone from my mother, our teachers, the radio DJs at KDIA. Lucky 13… saying how important it was to conserve water.”

Drought in the fields in America weeds on dry soil

That’s when she broke out in laughter. Absolutely nothing she said was funny. Harris has difficulty in social settings.

“Across, the West, we have seen the terrible cost of the climate crisis,” she read from a teleprompter script. “And I’ve visited many of the places where we have seen the wildfires, where families have lost their homes and their loved ones, where entire communities have been wiped out. I’ve met with and talked with the firefighters. My brother-in-law is a firefighter in California. And many of them who work 24hr shifts in some of the most dangerous conditions that you can imagine to keep us safe.”

That’s not true!

The federal government just admitted they caused all of New Mexico’s forest fires. The government causes more problems than it cures.

One report on California’s forest fires blamed 75% of the fires on the way they manage lands and develop landscapes. Climate change was roughly to blame for 25% by making them hotter and more incendiary. In other words, if lands were managed better, climate change wouldn’t be able to make them worse.

Other reports blame PG&E and the state government for the fires. PG&E blamed the regulators.

Kamala wasn’t done teleprompting although she didn’t laugh again.

“Farmers and agricultural workers who lost their livelihoods because the rains just simply did not come,” she added. “And communities who have felt firsthand how the economic impact of water scarcity ripples out, driving up prices and driving a real sense of urgency about what also results in terms of lack of opportunity.”

Government mismanages water too. California redirected water from farmers for tiny fish. During droughts in California, 70% of their water rushes out to sea and restrictions on farmers are prohibitive.

The state also don’t keep up with their reservoirs. San Francisco once sued their own water board for draining the reservoirs.

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