WHO pushed social distancing while their report says there’s no evidence for it


A WHO skeptic believes the organization deliberately misled the world on social distancing. Prior to this, they have been accused of hiding the severity of the Wuhan Virus to please the Chinese Communist Party.

Ned Nikolov, PhD., works as a physical scientist for the U.S. Forest Service and has questioned the current theory of climate change. He is now questioning the lockdown and posted several tweets expressing his concerns about the current lockdown and the recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO) to nations encouraging social distancing.


Dr. Nikolov says it is WHO that pushed countries to go for the Draconian lockdown and it was agenda-driven.

He tweeted, “One has to be academically a total moron to not know/understand the skill of models in one’s area of research. The huge errors of COVID19 models (especially the IHME model) suggest a deliberate negligence IMO.”

The Ph.D. goes further and believes it was done deliberately to get countries to ante up for vaccines.

He continued, “My suspicion is that model projections were deliberately inflated to unreasonable levels to create social panic and get the politicians to lock downstate economies & commit $Billions to new vaccines etc. I don’t think that scientists were honest in these ridiculous projections.”

Since the models were so awful, he can’t believe it wasn’t deliberate.

In conclusion, he wrote, “Yes, a key reason for the lockdown was to prevent the overwhelming of hospitals with COVID19 patients. However, this was based on faulty model projections, not real trends. Question is, what did scientists know about the total lack of skill by their models? I think they knew it!”

He claims that WHO knew of the ineffectiveness of social distancing as they pushed for it.

The 2019 report he refers to in these tweets can be viewed on this link. Go to page 37, and you will see that the report indicates there is a very low overall quality of evidence for contact tracing, keeping children from school, shutting down workplaces, avoiding crowding, or quarantining exposed individuals.

They recommend quarantining the sick.

So, why did the Marxist WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recommend it? He continues to recommend it.

Nikolov retweeted the following and there is a great deal of evidence that this is accurate:


Dr. Fauci said he warned Trump in January that the US was in real trouble but then stated publicly that the United States did not have to worry. The Wuhan Virus was not a major threat.

He and Dr. Birx followed the awful IHME models and the WHO guidance, which was tainted by China’s influence.

He claimed more than two million would have died had the nation not implemented social distancing, but there is no evidence that would have happened.

The doctors at the CDC were wrong about the first cases appearing at the end of February.

All of his predictions have been off. On February 29th, he told people it was okay to go to the movies, malls, etc.

On March 9th, he told the young and healthy to go on cruises.

Now he wants a highly restrictive quarantine. As the stringent social distancing destroys the U.S. economy, he’s talking about doing this, endless testing, contract tracing for an expansive period of time. All of his predictions have been wrong. He’s an academic and he might have ivory tower syndrome.

The good doctors don’t like treatments, just vaccines. They ignored the value of treatments like hydroxychloroquine.

Perhaps it’s time we dumped WHO, Drs Fauci, Redfield, and Birx, and saved our economy with a careful re-opening. Less Fauci and more economic task force.

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2 years ago

Careful reopening? There’s nothing to be careful about. The whole affair is a massive hoax to test the stupidity of the population, just like Orson Well’s War of the Worlds and the USA passed with flying colors, the stupidest people in history. STOP THE CORONA-SCAM, GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE, HUG YOUR NEIGHBORS AND GET BACK TO WORK.

TexanForever Thompson
TexanForever Thompson
2 years ago

Once again, its all about money. … COVID-19 escaped from the lab prematurely (sloppy handling) before a madiated worldwide vacine could be developed and patented by Big Pharna. The Gate’s Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, et al, know all about it.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Is the USA too corrupt, too weak, too cowardly, too stupid, to prevent itself from being destroyed? It’s not clear.

James DeMeo, PhD
2 years ago

Yes, exactly, this is also my conclusion over several weeks now, for various reasons including my own analysis of the data. See my blog item in summary:
“Twenty Science-Based Articles and Reports Crushing All Arguments for Continued Lockdowns, Masking, Anti-Social Distancing and Ruination of National Economies”
James DeMeo, PhD

2 years ago

Follow the money straight to Mr. Mandatory Worldwide Vaccine himself: Bill Gates.
We’ve all been had.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago
Reply to  JohnGaltTexas

Can’t the DOJ take care of this guy? There has to be numerous things he can be charged with. India charged him with crimes for the damage he did to young people with illegal forced vaccinations.