“Limited Nuclear War…Only 30% of Armaments Get to Ukrainians”


Joe Biden is sending another $2.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine and asking for another $13.7 billion. This will only cover months. Most armaments don’t reach Ukrainians, and we don’t know who is getting them since many are sold on the black market, often to terrorist agents.

What follows is a short interview with Col. Douglas MacGregor by Tucker Carlson, who seems to be the only news opinion host who has him on. He’s not supporting the pro-war narrative and is now on the Ukraine kill list. Col. MacGregor pushes back against the lies.

This is an interesting clip where he explains how badly the war is going. The Colonel claims that DC doesn’t know what more they can do. They are wondering if they can win a limited nuclear war which all should agree is nuts.


Defense contractors asked Ukraine President Zelensky to headline their industry conference. That’s not too obvious. “Bear in mind that when the equipment does show up… only 30-40% of it ever reaches the Ukrainians. The rest of it disappears in a sea of corruption.”

“The war is going very badly, and the defenses in the south have failed miserably,” MacGregor said. He added that the Russians concentrated on destroying Ukraine’s forces, not land, and it’s a strategy that’s working.

Tucker says the US must get out before the West is impoverished, but MacGregor says they likely won’t. Ukrainians are dying in large numbers, the forces are being wiped out, armaments don’t reach them, and it’s impoverishing the West. That’s all true.

As Tucker noted, President Zelensky is headlining the US Defense industry conference. He is good for business, and he wants more armaments. It’s the annual Future Force Capabilities Conference and Exhibition hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA).

News of the appearances was first reported by Reuters, which noted that the officials will speak via video link. Zelensky is expected to appeal for more weapons for his country during his speech, the outlet added.

News of the Ukrainian president’s speech to the NDIA — whose membership includes defense industry giants like Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics — comes as Kyiv looks to fend off Russia’s invasion in its sixth month.



Ukrainian forces seized most of the strategically vital city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine on Saturday, cutting the main supply line to thousands of Russian troops near the eastern city of Izyum and marking the biggest strategic gain Ukraine has made since the start of an offensive this week.

Russia was unprepared and didn’t have regular army troops in the region. There was no real opposition. It’s perplexing as to why they left the area undefended.

The Ukrainian troops who took the region were not very large – only about 9,000.

Izyum was held by Russians. They took that too.

Ukrainians are good fighters and are courageous. Russians are determined and the sanctions haven’t shut down their economy, just the West’s.

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1 year ago

Russia will drag this war out into the Winter, since as long as there is a war on they can inflict as much pain as possible on Europe. Traitor Joe doesn’t have to play along, but he’s been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue all his life so why stop now.

The Lame Stream News is talking about maybe a 50 Seat Republican Red Wave in November. I see a 100 Seat Republican Red Tsunami. Things are going to get very bad in Europe over the next 6 weeks and worse here in America. By November, 90% of America will Dump the Democrats. Today’s America has a very low pain threshold and they have realized that Traitor Joe and the Democrats are taking America to the Gates of Hell. Americans are having trouble putting food on the table, dreams of owning a house have been dashed, they are watching their retirement savings disappear, and they know all this pain was inflicted by Traitor Joe and the Democrats.

John Tokalenko
John Tokalenko
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

I’m hoping the Republicans take both the House and Senate, so the imbeciles who still think voting means anything will learn that war for Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel will continue as before.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

M.Dowling: you are doing us a real service by bringing all this information to us.
AT least we now know our tax dollars are making arms dealers rich and we are directly suppling our enemies so they can destroy us.
Is it time to move out of the good old USA?

John Tokalenko
John Tokalenko
1 year ago

Move to where? Some Third World country that won’t even let you own a shotgun?

Freedom for humanity stands, or, more likely, falls, with the United States of America, specifically, what remains of the American People. We make our stand here.