Locals scream, curse at wounded police who came to help


Three Wilmington, Delaware, police officers were shot overnight while responding to a call on Wednesday evening. All three are in stable condition and are expected to make a full recovery.

They answered a call and shots rang out. After the shooting stopped, and the officers were taken away to a waiting ambulance, the neighborhood mob screamed and cursed at the wounded officers.

The local pastor said it’s because the locals don’t trust the police.



Police cleared the street to protect people as shots rang out.

According to a report from WCAU-TV, the gunman — who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting — opened fire on officers during what authorities said was an hours-long standoff that ran into the early hours of Thursday morning.

One area activist said that he believed a division between police and community helped contribute to Wednesday night’s shooting and that he witnessed area residents swearing at officers as they carried their injured brothers in blue from the scene.

So, the police who tried to help and are then shot at are to blame? There isn’t an ounce of logic or reality in that viewpoint.

An area resident told the station that she heard approximately 10 to 15 shots ring out on Wednesday night. She rushed outside and said she discovered a police officer carrying another officer.

A Woman and a Child Might Have Been Saved

At one point during the night, first responders were seen using a fire truck ladder to enter the building through a window. Later, a woman and a small child were seen exiting the window and coming down the ladder. The pair’s connection to the attack on officers is unknown at the time of this reporting.

Jamie Leonard, who is president of the Delaware State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, said that the “uptick in officers who have been shot” this year is concerning.

“First and foremost, we’re happy that this situation did not end up worse than what it did. We are ecstatic that these officers are expected to make a full recovery,” Leonard said. “This is a local example of the climate towards law enforcement that you’re seeing exemplified all across this country, and it’s reflective of the national statistics where we’ve seen a 20% uptick in officers who have been shot in the line of duty this year, as compared to this point last year…”

The Pastor’s a Fool

The Delaware News Journal on Thursday reported that Wilmington activist Rev. Derrick “Pastor D” Johnson said that he believed mistrust in the police played a role in the incident.

“There’s a gap in Wilmington between police and community, and the perception is that we’re a community under siege,” he said, adding that area residents were “yelling profanities” at officers who were carrying out other wounded officers.

The police answered a call of distress. A person started shooting and shot three of them, but the cops are at fault?

How stupid Pastor D is.

This isn’t a problem of mistrust. The police rushed to the scene to help people at risk. Their reward was to be shot and then cursed at after they were shot while trying to help.

There is only one side to this story and making excuses for these fools isn’t helping. You don’t curse at people trying to help you.

So-called men of God sending bad messages aren’t helping. The pastor should find a new line of work.

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