RNC finally takes a stand on GOP-hating debate moderators


Every year Republicans attend debates with their opponents and activist moderators who take the Democrats’ side.

Last year was no different with moderators helping to debate the Republican candidate and protect the Democrat.

It’s infuriating but it continues every election cycle because Republicans let it.

RNC Chairperson Ronna McDaniel is taking a stand on the issue. She said the RNC will advise presidential candidates to skip debates unless reforms are made.

Until now, President Trump was mostly alone in forcefully demanding change.

Then-President Trump and his reelection campaign tangled multiple times with the commission last summer and autumn over the format and moderators of the general election debates. All three moderators were Trump haters. One debate was canceled due to COV.

The commission choosing the moderators is overwhelmingly comprised of Democrats and RINOs.

McDaniel tweeted: the CPD undermined the conditions for a fair debate last year: → CPD selected a moderator that previously worked for Biden → 6 of the 10 CPD board members made anti-Trump comments → Switched second debate to a “virtual” format.

“The CPD’s repeated missteps and the partisan actions of its Board Members make clear that the organization no longer provides the fair and impartial forum for presidential debates which the law requires and the American people deserve,” McDaniel charged in a letter.

“Unless the CPD adopts significant reforms to ensure that it better fulfills this important, nonpartisan function, the RNC will have no choice but to advise its future nominees against participating in CPD-hosted debates,” the chair warned.

That’s great and they must follow through.

Her full letter:

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