Look who were all in London, March 2016, when Papadopoulos was set up


Attorney General William Barr and his investigator, U.S. Attorney John Durham have obtained two blackberries that link to the very origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

The phones were used by Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor/spy who jump-started the FBI’s long Russia probe into President Trump’s campaign.

Sidney Powell, attorney for retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, filed a court motion on Monday disclosing the phones’ existence while tying them to Western intelligence.

She told The Washington Times on Thursday that she has confirmed that it was Mr. Durham’s office that obtained them. She wants the information on those phones and wrote:

“This information is material, exculpatory, and relevant to the defense of Mr. Flynn, and specifically to the “OCONUS LURES” and agents that western intelligence tasked against him likely as early as 2014 to arrange—unbeknownst to him—‘connections’ with certain Russians that they would then use against him in their false claims. The phones were used by Mr. Joseph Mifsud,” the motion reads, according to The Times.

Mifsud also was in London at the same time General Flynn was set up in London by Stephan Halper.  Mifsud also was close to Hillary and even dined with her in 2016.


Mr. Mifsud, a university professor — and seeming plant — told George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign adviser, in London in 2016 that Moscow owned thousands of Hillary Clinton emails. When the news reached the FBI in July, agent Peter Strzok initiated the probe.

The FBI claimed Mifsud was a Russian spy but there is evidence he spied for Western intelligence.

General Flynn hopes to prove government misconduct.

It appears, both Joseph Mifsud and CIA asset Stefan Halper were tasked with spying on General Flynn and George Papadopoulos.

We did a quick search and found the newsletter announcing Professor Mifsud’s plan to be in Australia on March 8-9, 2016, as cited by the doctor known as pro dreamer. Mifsud did attend. The second article was easy to track. Both James Clapper and James Comey were in Australia by March 15th for two days. They were in Australia during the second week of March. All of them were there at the same time.

That’s not suspicious at all.


Australian official Alexander Downer, a big Hillary Clinton fan, was the one who sent the memo to the FBI warning a Trump campaign official might be trying to get Hillary’s missing emails from the Russians. Downer is widely known as a ‘FOB,’ Friend of Bill’s.

It was in March of 2016 that Downer, who was the Australian Ambassador to the UK at the time, passed the information on from George Papadopoulos to the US embassy in London. The information being: “He [Papdopoulos] didn’t say dirt; he said material that could be damaging to her. No, he said it would be damaging. He didn’t say what it was.”

Papadopoulos appears to have gotten that information on April 26, 2016, from Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor tied to Russian and British intelligence, who told him he was in contact with Russian government officials who said they had “dirt” on Clinton in the form of “thousands” of her emails.

Downer lied about how the information was passed on. On this clip, he keeps saying he doesn’t know why George Papadopoulos told him all this, but we’re guessing he knows exactly why. Why else was he even bothering with a nobody at the time like Mr. Papadopoulos?

That’s not suspicious either.

Here is another unsuspicious coincidence:

Mifsud was at this conference as was Elisabeth Dibble.

Dibble is tied to Mifsud’s university and Scotti.

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