Manchin Got Nothing for the Inflation Reduction Act


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed a late effort by Democratic leadership to include energy legislation championed by Sen. Joe Manchin in an unrelated defense policy bill, The Washington Times reports.

Top Democrats are vying to include a version of previously failed to permit reform by Manchin in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

It would fast-track energy projects in his home state. He tricked the Republicans, so they won’t support him, and Democrats tricked him and rejected his energy deal.

All McConnell, who is a Democrat-at-heart and, in practice, who is leading Republicans, cares about is getting the NDAA passed. He’s even caving to the JCPA to do it. Caving isn’t the right word. He’s fine with it all.

“House and Senate Democrats are still obstructing efforts to close out the NDAA by trying to jam in unrelated items with no relationship whatsoever to defense,” said McConnell, the Kentucky faek Republican. “The Democrats’ failure to plan ahead for unrelated liberal pet priorities should not be creating uncertainty and confusion for the brave service members who keep us safe.”

That’s true.

Meanwhile, he’s allegedly supporting the JCPA, which has zero to do with defense and everything to do with taking away our free speech. He claims he’s standing up to Big Tech but is colluding with Big Media and Big Government.


Manchin signed his soul away with the Inflation Reduction Act to get these energy projects, and then Democrats betrayed him. Manchin always goes left, no matter what.

“We all need to see what the hell it is, if it is in there,” California Rep. Jared Huffman said. “There are other ways to get [clean energy] transmission without greenlighting huge fossil fuel projects and setting us back in the climate crisis.”

Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal, Washington’s far-far-far-left America-hating Democrat, said it’s time that leadership “start respecting the will of our members” and permit reform through the normal committee process.

“A deal was made with Sen. Manchin by people other than us. I respect that, and I respect him for getting what he wants,” Ms. Jayapal said. “But I also believe that this is the will of the members, and we are responsive and responsible to our communities.”

McConnell also targeted Democrats for proposing to add bipartisan cannabis-related legislation to the NDAA that would allow the marijuana industry access to banking institutions and grants for states to expunge past criminal convictions over the drug.

“We’re talking about a grab bag of miscellaneous pet priorities, like making our financial system more sympathetic to illegal drugs or permitting reform in name only that’s already failed to pass the Senate earlier this year,” he said.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
1 year ago

Manchin has been a fake, phony, and fraud virtually his entire political life. Now he’s gotten what he deserves. They used him like the political whore he’s always been, and then, discarded him. That is how folks engaged in “the world’s oldest profession” have been treated since the beginning of time. No sympathy for Joe.

1 year ago

I said months ago the the Democrats and RINOs will steal and pass as may paybacks to supporter as they can during the Lamb Duck. We need to dump both McConnell and McCarthy in retaliation, but we didn’t primary enough RINOs.

America needs to bring back dueling! That would get a lot of the Scumbag Little Weasels out of office

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

So much for playing ball with the elitists!
Joe M could have been a hero, not he is just another sucker to be pitied! So sad!

Though indirectly applied, remember Shakespeare “What fools these mortals be!”