Media Is Not Covering Constitutional Expert Jonathan Turley’s Testimony


The MSM is ignoring the brilliant testimony of Jonathan Turley. Unless you watched the endless impeachment hearing with the Senate Judiciary or look at the alternative media, you literally won’t know what is going on.


CNN has nothing about the hearings on its front page. ABC News has nothing. NBC News had one article on the front page titled, “Legal scholars: Conduct like Trump’s is the reason Congress has impeachment power.” They included one small paragraph deep into the article about Jonathan Turley saying it was moving too fast. They also had an article about biased Professor Gerhardt’s opening statement and another about the screaming shrew Pamela Karlan. They had a few video clips in their video section.

After I published this, NBC put out another story quoting Karlan in the title saying, “In this country, no one is king.” They left out the part about her embarrassing Trump’s minor son Barron.


The NY Times covered it slightly and misled. They took a lesser point from Jonathan Turley’s brilliant testimony on Wednesday about Democrats moving too fast, claimed it would take too long, demonized the President for not cooperating, quoted the three biased Democrat non-fact ‘witnesses,’ and made assumptions about what John Bolton would say. The Times wrote:

Are House Democrats making a mistake by moving swiftly to impeach President Trump when some facts remain hidden about whether he abused his power in the Ukraine affair?

That was the argument put forward on Wednesday by Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor who was the only Republican-selected witness of four legal scholars who testified at the House Judiciary Committee’s opening impeachment hearing.

Mr. Turley’s point crystallized the constitutional dilemma facing Congress as it pushes forward on impeachment rather than pausing to go after additional evidence the White House has withheld. A president willing to dig in and stonewall subpoenas for documents and testimony can use the courts to run out the clock, undermining the House’s ability to use its impeachment power in practice.


WaPo has one story, in which they said the President would fight aggressively in the Senate. They began by quoting the three biased reporters claiming the President definitely committed ‘bribery,’ and minimized one quote by Jonathan Turley deeper into the article.

Anyone who watched that fiasco yesterday saw three biased leftist professors and one liberal professor who stood up for the constitution, Jonathan Turley.

This is what corruption looks like.




  1. No one will cover it because Turley also talked about the danger of a BIASED impeachment. the three handpicked left wing nutjob law expert’s are CLEARLY Trump haters,

  2. The media, Democrat propagandists (but, I repeat myself) almost exclusively spoon feeds leftist spin to the public and suppresses all else. The rare exceptions almost certainly lead to reeducation sessions for the errant reporters/talking heads.

  3. Turley seemed like the only “witness” that put thought and reason into his testimony. all the others were lamenting their hurt feelings.

  4. As I have stated in the past.. any time someone tells me that they are a Democrat … I immediately lose interest in them or what they have to say.. Sorry.. but that is the way it is..

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