Microsoft might ban some GOP PAC donations forever


Microsoft says it will decide by Feb. 15 on whether it will continue to suspend PAC donations for lawmakers who voted against the Electoral College certification.

Never mind that Democrats question every election won by a Republican president. They suffer no consequences and shouldn’t. It’s free speech.

Oddly, Democrats are now saying they don’t trust the machines, and they have said it in the past.

In 2016, it was Democrats complaining that the election had been tainted by Russian interference. They continuously called him an illegitimate president.

Hillary refused to accept the election results and still whines about it.

Two years later, the party complained that Stacey Abrams had been denied the Georgia governorship because of shenanigans with voting rolls.

Ms. Abrams never conceded, and Democrats — who took control of the U.S. House in those 2018 elections — made her cause a rallying cry, vowing to repair elections.


“As Microsoft executives have said internally to employees, this is not a normal year,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post on Saturday. “The company believes that opposition to the Electoral College undermined American democracy and should have consequences.”

What a crock. They are using the riot, infiltrated by at least one Antifa – John Sullivan, as their Reichstag fire. These people didn’t care that Democrats encouraged communist-anarchists to riot and even helped fund their bail.

The decision to halt all political giving was first announced internally to employees on Jan. 8, following the Jan.6 riot at the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters that left five dead.

In the blog post, Microsoft wrote:

We took stock of our donations over the last four years, and we found that 80% of the donations had gone to members of Congress who voted to uphold the Electoral College, and 20% had gone to members who voted against the Electoral College.

So, now there’s a process to decide what to do. The questions that are being considered are exactly, I think, what you would expect. Should the PAC suspend donations to the members who voted against the Electoral College? If so, for how long? Should it even take stronger steps with respect to members who led that effort or who fed disinformation, in our view, to the American public? These are among the questions that are being considered.

Welcome to communism, baby. You don’t have free speech.

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