Lockdown Fauci is a friend to Cuomos, Bidens, Hillary, DNC, & China


Award-winning Anthony Fauci, the Great Scientist, is and was the hero of the far-left, which is the Democrat Party, the Democrat media, the Cuomos, the Bidens, the DNC, the CCP, The WHO, and so many other of the Left. He still is a hero as he represents Joe Biden on COV as Uncle Joe cures it.

Dr. F was heartily protected by the media no matter how crazy and contradictory his comments were. The bureaucratic doctor constantly changed his opinions and mandates. We don’t doubt he’s smart, so what else could have been at play here?

All I can say is poor Donald Trump. He was Fauci’s victim, forced to listen to the mad scientist.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was once Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s target. But only while they could use him to assail DJT.

Watch this short clip:



He told us what to do and to do it indefinitely, saying, “Do what you’re told,” while saying we’re not authoritarians.

Dr. Fauci praised China on request and kept saying they were transparent when they clearly were not. We all know The WHO jumps to the CCP’s tune and yet, Fauci was honored to announce the U.S. was rejoining The WHO, led by a literal terrorist. He falsely claimed leader Tedros was “all over it,” meaning the virus.

Fauci declared he wasn’t a political person, and yet, he only praised Democrat governors, who were actually screwing up, and not Republican governors, who were actually doing a good job and still are.

Dr. Paul let him have it when he was misleading the nation about children staying out of school.

Late in the game and under duress, he admitted it was okay to vote in person, but he led the mail-in voting at first.

He praised Andrew Cuomo who led the state where most of the people died. Cuomo killed tens of thousands of elderly in nursing homes with his policies, and he is partly responsible for New York seeding the nation.

At one point, Dr. F condemned Americans as “anti-science ruffians” who reject authority. We all know who he meant.

Hysterical Fauci couldn’t keep his stories straight. Barstool Sports President, Dave Portnoy blasted him and he was so right.
Fauci did an interview with Julia Roberts, a far-left actress. This clip is worth watching as Portnoy unloads on Fauci:

An author dubbed Cicero 2020 at American Thinker wrote about Dr. Fauci’s close ties to Democrats on American Thinker yesterday. Look at the connections below, and read the story we linked to. The information about who his friends are came from Cicero.

Fauci gave an interview on Thursday during which he described working under Joe Biden as “liberating.” Now, he can “let the science speak.” The self-admitted liar said while working under Donald Trump he felt totally free to speak.

The good Dr. Fauci, a Catholic, who has come out in support of radical abortions worldwide paid for by the US, said in May of last year that he’s best friends with the Cuomo brothers He has known them since they were almost children, he has said. Anthony Fauci checked on him every night when Chris Cuomo’s family had COV.

Ahhhh, sweet…

That helps explain the always positive press coverage.

Friends with Hillary and the Bidens Too

Emails obtained by hackers and released by Wikileaks years ago demonstrate that Fauci had a great admiration for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

He once wrote that he “loves Hillary Clinton more than ever.” Fauci was referencing her Benghazi hearing, despite the fact that she was in part responsible for that. Then-Secretary of State Clinton didn’t want Marines guarding the mission, she wanted natives [who happened to be tied to terrorists].

Joe and Jill Biden sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Tony recently because they’re all pals. Dr. Jill, who uses the appellation ‘Dr’ as an affectation since it’s merely an EdD, posted the audio recording on her Twitter page. In education, most EdDs just put that after the name. They can use ‘Dr,’ but when they do, it’s usually just on the job. Ph.D. is something else, although nowadays, it doesn’t mean what it once did.

After Joe and Jill finished singing, Biden, 78, said, “Hey pal, happy birthday, it’s Joe and Jill Biden.”

Fauci has often said that we must “follow the science” in response to the pandemic. However, that was a good line used to accuse DJT of not using the science, which was a total lie.

In any case, Fauci did not follow the science.

At the end of February, he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that the mortality rate may be “considerably less than 1%” and “clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza.” By April, he advocated a nationwide shutdown. And just before the election, he made another push for Americans to “hunker down.”

Democrats thanked him for that.

He also lied about herd immunity instead of revealing the science.

Let’s Not Forget the Ads

He was used in Democrat ads and never complained. However, he did object to the Trump campaign using a video clip of one of his quotes.

On The Hill’s website, a day after Joe Biden’s “inauguration,” an ad popped up on the screen. It featured a smiling Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the caption read ‘Thank you, Dr. Fauci!’ along with a link to “sign the card.” The ad was created by and paid for by the fundraising arm of the Democrat Party — the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Thank you, Dr. F, for nothing, yours truly, the Sentinel!

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