Neil Oliver: Surveillance and Control Over Our Every Behavior


The free Internet was a trap to lure us in and get us to hand over all our information. The powers that be now say anonymity must end. That’s how Neil Oliver sees it.

Oliver believes everyone should worry about what is happening in Ireland, a free Western antion. Why aren’t people up in arms? What level of intrusion will people rebel against?

Herd Of Cattle On Pasture In Ireland. The WEF wants them to kill hundreds of cows.

The new legislation in Ireland gives the State power to access anything an Irish person is reading, writing, and saying. Flunkies of the state decide if you are hateful. Pre-crimes are even a reality. The only people they want to surveil are nationalists [as in the US]

The fear of God should be in every human being. There is too much acceptance. He states that this originally came from US intelligence.

Now they are predicting a massive cyberattack on our banks – the same people who predicted the pandemic. Oliver asks, How do they know it will happen and when? Could they then grab everyone’s wealth? Big Banks, CBDCs, and other globalist organizations are waiting.

Emergencies are the fiercest weapon of the demagogues throughout time.

Here’s a snapshot of Ireland’s hate speech legislation from April:

Ireland’s hate speech bill states, “Racism and xenophobia are direct violations of the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, principles upon which the European Union is founded and which are common to the Member States.”

Some details of the bill include the criminalization of speech that leads to the incitement of feelings:

Blasphemy Laws

One of the punishable crimes relating to “xenophobia” is “the commission of an act referred to in point (a) by public dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material,” which can roughly apply to political pamphlets criticizing the influx of immigrants and refugees in Ireland.

If you have a forbidden photo on your phone, you could be guilty, and there are severe imprisonment penalties for this.

They are basically blasphemy laws.

Rupa Subramanya said the laws in Canada have greatly limited speech in only ten years. She explained that in Ireland, a meme on your phone could lead to police coming to your home and arresting you.

This is happening in a ‘free’ western nation:

Irish officials are using the riots in Ireland to bring in Draconian hate laws.

Talk show host Niall Boylan said in the clip below that initially, it seemed to surround the idea that people were defaming the transgender community. People objected to the hate legislation. The ministry would not define hate when they updated the hate speech legislation. Officials didn’t care.

They included social media in the legislation. When the minister was questioned, she couldn’t define hate, and it was obvious it was very subjective, Boylan said.

With the updates, you could be charged, fined, or imprisoned over a meme on your phone that you didn’t even share.

“This piece of legislation going back months ago… I mean, this piece of legislation is absolutely nuts; nobody agrees with it.”

The riot occurred because the stabbing of the children came after an immigrant stabbed a young school teacher and a man was stabbed and decapitated by another immigrant. This was all within two weeks.

“The government now associates the riots with anyone who disagrees with immigration or immigration policy, which isn’t the case.” The rioters didn’t have any political motive. They just went out to start trouble. “Normal people on the right of center wouldn’t do things like that.”

“They’re deflecting away from the immigration debate” by pushing hate.


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Plato v2.0
Plato v2.0
2 months ago

Off topic but can anyone, anywhere in the UNIVERSE tell me how a SOLDIER employed by the US Government has the authority to refuse an illegal order and yet a Border Patrol Agent does not? HINT : Border Patrol Agents CAN REFUSE ILLEGAL ORDERS however, Border Patrol Agents do what the current administration says, no matter what orders are given! Because the only thing the BORDER PATROL will protect are the Paychecks and pensions of the BORDER PATROL!!!