Nikki Haley Didn’t Know If She Was a Democrat or Republican


Presidential candidate, the donor’s choice, Nikki Haley, is suspected of being a liberal running as a Republican. Unearthed video footage exposes Haley saying she originally had trouble deciding whether to run as a Democrat or Republican. This reminds me of John McCain, who had the same difficult decision.

Haley, 51, was born in South Carolina in 1972 to immigrant parents from India. Her parents first immigrated to Canada in 1964, then moved to South Carolina in 1969. Her father gained U.S. citizenship in 1978. Her mother became a citizen in 2003. In other words, Haley’s an anchor baby.

In November 2019, Haley and Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) participated in a discussion at George Washington University’s Presidential Distinguished Event Series in Washington, D.C.

Haley discussed her new book, “With All Due Respect,” and how she first decided to get into politics.

She said she was inspired by Hillary Clinton, which no real Republican said ever at any time.

“What led you to conservatism?” Ernst asks Haley.

“When I was running for office the first time, I didn’t know if I was a Republican or Democrat,” Haley admitted.  She then repeated the story about being inspired by Hillary Clinton to run for office.

“Hillary Clinton is actually the reason… I may not agree with her on a lot of things, but she is actually the reason that I made the jump. And so then I had to figure out whether I was Republican or Democrat.”

I could have helped her with that. She’s a Democrat.

If you say she’s really a liberal, the media will defend her to the death, and call you a Maga crazy, but she is a liberal.

Democrats are donating to her. Infamous Reid Hoffman is donating. He thinks Biden did a great job with everything, including foreign policy. Hoffman was a friend of pedo Jeffrey Epstein’s and visited his island several times.

In this clip, he said he sees her as institutionally competent. In other words, she’s the establishment and will let the establishment guide her.

Other deep-pocketed Democrats are funding her. Democrats often do this in primaries, and they pick people who conservatives don’t want. Democrats want to choose our candidates, and they often do. Haley is their choice.

Chris Christie said on a hot mic that she spent $68 million on TV ads. That’s a huge number. Democrat donors are sending the money to her PACs.

She believes in her truth just like leftist and only leftists.

Nikki Haley was ready to make George Floyd’s death “personal and painful” for EVERYONE! She also said on her first day as president she was going to censor Internet speech.

She’s disloyal – probably because she’s a Democrat.

In 2015, she didn’t see illegal aliens as criminals despite breaking our laws and wanted more foreigners taking US jobs.

Haley and her husband make a lot of money off the war machine.

Haley and her husband have a vast investment stock portfolio and $12 million in income because of investments in the military-industrial complex.

It certainly could explain her constant warmongering. The US has an addiction to war that should be broken.

Haley once worked for Boeing, a defense contractor, and she still owns about $250,000 in Boeing stock.

Aside from speaking engagements, her primary income is from United Against a Nuclear Iran. It’s awash in secrecy.

The group has lobbied for military strikes on Iran and is advised by two former Israeli intelligence officials as well as US intelligence officials. The Department of Justice won’t reveal the donors.

Nikki Haley also works as a consultant to Prism Global Management, a New York-based investment fund by Richard Kang. He’s active in the defense world. Also, and this is important, he is an advisor to America’s Frontier Fund, which is tied to Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google, and it’s run by Gilman Louie, the former head of In-Q-tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm. America’s Frontier Fund is a primary go-to in case of war.

Haley’s husband, Michael Haley, has his own defense contracting firm. He earns up to $500,000 from a company called Allied Defense. Allied Defense is a sister company to Defense Engineering Services that facilitates clients who want defense system acquisitions.

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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
1 month ago

No way will I never vote for that dingbat for anything. She is nothing but a RINO at best or a closet dem/communist .If that is the best the RINO establishment can come up with they need a new party like the MAGA party of Trump I will never again vote for a RINO never ever.

Big John
Big John
1 month ago

Nikki Haley is just another George Bush in a skirt, or as Vivek Ramaswamy says, Dick Cheney in heels. Either way; putting lipstick on a pig is still just a pig wearing lipstick.

1 month ago

Not being born of US citizens, making Haley an “anchor” baby disqualifies her from running for president. Perhaps for any office. Interesting how laws are ignored for specific people but enforced to the nth degree for others. Jan 6 policial prisoners (can’t wait for the law suits). Hunter Biden doesn’t pay taxes for 10 years and violates federal law taking bribes from China. Clinton rapes women and pedos on the island. Pelosi insider trading. In fact all of Congress participates in insider trading. There will be a reckoning.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

She is not America First, she is Nikki First.

The reason I do not like the terms right and left is that they are misleading. Many considered on the right clearly are not. Those on the left are far leftists.

Ernst and Haley on the stage is quite a sight. Ernst is is full fledged Mitch RINO, she deplored Trump’s China policies, never endorsed anything he did. She is another Haley. Ernst is wearing a leopard print skirt, that is not becoming for a US senator, maybe for a cocktail lounge.

1 month ago

Remember, this dalit Nimrata wants YOU to give your name and home address EVERY TIME you JUST look at the news online, but she wants dumb white men to think she’s white trailer trash “Nikki” who’s gonna give you some, for a pack of smokes….

WHERE IS my military????