No, everyone does NOT back BLM


Aside from the gibberish that the media and the pollsters inundate us with 24/7, do people really believe most people and all Black people love Black Lives Matter?  Especially when they destroy the poorest Black communities?

Some rappers don’t think BLM is going about it the right way. ‘ASAP Rocky,’ the rapper Trump helped free from a Swedish prison, has other concerns like why are we “exploiting the beef between the urban community and police officers, when in all reality, Memorial Weekend, 60 some odd people got shot, just on a Friday and a Saturday. 60 some odd people in one city – Chicago…”

He does believe there is police brutality, but he has a reasoned approach. There are other rappers who agree.


Here is some info on BLM funding: here, here, and here.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

Let’s pray the Blacks being played for useful idiots by BLM will listen to these men.

Nick Opoku
Nick Opoku
1 year ago

Black lives matter isn’t a social movement. It’s a political party.