Officers Shot in Lawless Philadelphia During a July 4 Concert


Two police officers were shot on the Fourth of July during a concert in Philadelphia. Gunfire erupted, causing panic as the crowd dispersed, running for cover.

July 4 shooting of two officers at a Philadelphia concert

The officers are discharged from the Philadelphia hospital where they were treated for the gunshot wounds on Monday night, authorities said.

The anonymous officers are longstanding members of local law enforcement bureaus according to Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw who spoke to the press after midnight.

One is 36 years old and currently assigned to the city’s highway patrol unit, while the other is 44 and works as a bomb squad technician for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Philadelphia is lawless thanks to a Soros DA and a large gang population. No one in some Democrat cities seem to want to get serious about crime. Certainly not Philly’s DA Larry Krasner. The media doesn’t bother explaining what the problems are. They always blame guns.

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1 year ago

Philadelphia has a young black male problem. Too many of them have no regard for human life. If you admit this in public, you will be branded a racist. Big cities across America have the same problem.