How Soros Is Almost Single-Handedly Destroying the US Justice System


George Soros has a network of woke (communist) DA’s and AG’s he bankrolled in cities across the US, the latest being an AG in New York City. That AG plans to cancel what he considers crimes unworthy of prosecution and he wants to get rid of bail.

The Hungarian billionaire spent $3 million on seven local DA races in 2016. In 2020, he pumped $28 million into Democratic elections across the US.

George Soros Is Single-Handedly Destroying the US Justice System

The far-left billionaire Democrat megadonor gave Chicago’s Kim Foxx $2 million and Philly’s DA Larry Krasner – where murder has doubled – got $1.7 million. That’s an enormous amount of money for these smaller races.

Foxx wouldn’t even prosecute a case of two gangs that shot it out.

Krasner, who is anti-police, boasts of sending fewer people to jail, represented BLM and Occupy Philadelphia protesters and was funded by George Soros. Philadelphia’s woke DA Larry Krasner is presiding over a record crime spike.

Soros donated $2 million to a PAC that supported the reelection campaign of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. And the murder rate is the highest it has been since 1994.

He also donated to PACs that prop up Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón. The residents are trying to get Gascón impeached. One of his brilliant moves among many brilliant moves was to release a husband who hired a hitman to kill his wife.

George Gascón is the man who says he convinced George Soros to fund the races of these [far-left] DA races.

Soros DA in St. Louis Kim Gardner, who also doesn’t prosecute many cases unless they are residents who defend their homes from BLM, concealed evidence.

Soros backed WOKE prosecutor Buta Biberaj in Loudoun County. She won’t accept a recall election.

The “progressive” elected county prosecutor ran on a platform of ending “mass incarceration,” but yet she sought jail time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, both misdemeanor charges, against Scott Smith. Mr. Smith became upset and ranted verbally at a school board meeting after the Superintendent denied knowing his daughter was raped at school.

Biberaj has ties to progressive megadonor George Soros and Democratic Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe.

Biberaj was one of several Soros-backed prosecutors elected in Northern Virginia in 2019 after her campaign received more than $860,000 from Soros’ Justice and Public Safety PAC.

Fight for Schools, a parent organization that filed to remove a board member, has also filed a petition to remove Biberaj. She received a $861,039 contribution from the George Soros-funded Justice and Public Safety PAC during her 2019 election. She won’t remove herself from a case where she has a clear conflict of interest.

Republican pundits say Soros has blood on his hands now for the deaths of innocent people like those killed at the Waukesha Christmas Parade by Darrell Brooks, a career criminal who had been bonded out of jail days earlier for other crimes. Soros made sure John Chisholm got the proscutor’s job by buying the election.

Soros gets a lot of the money from tax dollars, thus, Americans are funding their own demise.

In 2016, Soros pumped $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns including races in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas. His DA’s, AG’s and even Sheriffs are now positioned all over the nation.

Soros is most known for donating to Democratic presidents Clinton and Obama.

Soros, the Godfather of Color Revolutions

George Soros, his money, and his NGOs are bankrolling and influencing public policy and opinion from the local level all the way up to the national level. Entire nations have been made to bow to the Soros agenda, but perhaps more importantly for our purposes, key local officials in government are increasingly wholly owned subsidiaries of the Soros machine.

Ever wonder why urban terrorists can burn down cities with no consequences but the McCloskeys are prosecuted for defending their home against the same? The answer is George Soros, his money, and his influence.

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