One of the most banned documentaries of Coronavirus


The most deleted documentary of the moment! Corona in search of the Truth…

Professor Dr. Martin Haditsch is an Austrian microbiologist and infectious disease expert who traveled halfway around the world for a documentary that will go down in history as important. He interviewed the following celebrities about the crisis that has gripped the entire world for over a year.

This is an amazing documentary, and it is hidden from the public. Share it everywhere. Some very impressive, world-famous scientists made this documentary which has been banned by social media and demonized by the likes of U.S. political leaders and scientists. It was removed from YouTube.

Facebook trashed our article with a similar video and praise of the drug ivermectin, as an effective medication for COV.

The people involved in the documentary are eminent and were treated like pariahs by the likes of Zuckerberg:

Dr. Pierre Kory – IC – physician, and researcher in New York

Professor dr. Michael Levitt – Nobel laureate Stanford University

Professor dr. Roland Wiesendanger – University of Hamburg

Professor dr. Klaus Stöhr – Virologist and Epidemiologist

Professor dr. Klaus Püschel – court physician

Professor dr. Kurt Zatloukal – Director of the Research Institute for Pathology & Microbiology in Graz.

dr. Thomas Ly – leads Thailand’s largest hospital chain in the fight against the Pandemic and is a trusted advisor to the Dalai Lama

Professor Marco Confalonieri – Head of the Cattinara Long specialist hospital in Triest

Removed by YouTube

Corona Auf der Suche Nach der Waarheid or Corona, in search of the truth, is the title of the high-end documentary that program maker Flavio Pasquino received from someone last week via telegram. He opened the link, looked at it for a few minutes, and ran to his computer to get the impressive documentary back as soon as possible. And you guessed it…the documentary was removed by YT less than an hour later.

One thing is for certain, the truth is the opposite of what Dr. Anthony Fauci said in public. And ivermectin works as a treatment according to these scientists. For some reason, Fauci wasn’t interested in treatments.

Ban Gain-of-Function Research

The first scientist to speak wonders why anyone would conduct gain-of-function research, making a virus, more virulent to humans. As he said, it’s too dangerous. “This kind of research is incomprehensible,” he said. [We agree, especially since the CCP plans bioweaponry in the future]

He says these types of experiments were used in 2011 with the Bird Flu. There were global discussions at the time about gain-of-function being too dangerous to even publish. They feared someone might “use it in a bad way.”

These discussions led Barack Obama to ban it. Donald Trump banned it again. But Fauci found a way to send Wuhan Institute of Virology $3 million in five years to do that exact research.

It Must Have Come from the Wuhan Lab

This virus must have come from the Wuhan lab, he says. Coronavirus’s adaption into human cells is not like any other virus.

Another scientist said there was a 99.8% chance it was developed in a laboratory. It was not natural.

Making this public seriously hurt his reputation, but “we as scientists have to say there are more important things than our reputations.”

The scientists concurred that the media made this illness into something it wasn’t. The media made it out to be much worse than it was and brought it to hysteria. This was a disease of the elderly and immunosuppressed people with co-morbidities.

Not only that, the records were distorted thanks to WHO. For instance, the cause of death on certificates became ‘COVID’ even when it was clearly a heart attack or something else. One scientist found the 50% of the cases recorded as COV were not COV. This invalid counting method designed by WHO was adopted worldwide.

The President of Hamburg University defended the scientist supporting this theory and it made the news.

The scientists found that underlying conditions were needed to cause death when a patient has COV.

Sweden And De Santis Did It Right

Many scientists believe Sweden, which did not lock down everyone and kept schools open, did it the right way, as did Governor De Santis in Florida. COVID is far less dangerous than the flu to children, they agreed.

They have effective medications and treatments, and ivermectin is one of them. Also, COV mutates far less than other viruses. They couldn’t say enough good things about ivermectin which is one of the banned drugs in this country. Facebook, Fauci, Twitter, Collins, the CDC, and the Democrats have effectively banned ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Unfortunately, this virus isn’t going away.

Watch the banned video with subtitles:


h/t Harvey

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