Parler sues Amazon for anti-trust violations, breach of contract


Parler filed a lawsuit Monday against Amazon for antitrust violations, breach of contract, and unlawful business interference. The lawsuit asks a federal judge to order Amazon to reinstate the platform.

Parler was destroyed at midnight Pacific time by a coordinated strike among tech giants who work hand-in-hand with Democrats. Apple, Google, Amazon, lawyers, text message, and email capabilities were all erased in a 24-hour period.

Amazon provided their cloud services and Parler is currently unable to find another vehicle to upload their data since Apple and Google have made it clear they do not approve.

The social-media service vanished just before midnight Sunday Pacific time, when Inc. followed through on its threat to stop hosting the public-messaging platform that has exploded in popularity among supporters of President Trump, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The WSJ continues: The effective disappearance of Parler shows the growing breadth and effect of efforts by big technology companies to restrict content they label as dangerous after last week’s mob attack on the U.S. Capitol. Amazon had said in a letter to Parler over the weekend that it had seen a steady increase in violent content on the site and said Parler’s efforts to remove it were inadequate.

This came almost immediately after Apple took down the Parler app. Google had already taken it down from Android.

CEO Matze said in a post on Parler on Saturday that it was possible the service would be unavailable for as long as a week while it found new hosting services. Since that statement, he said it could be longer.

“This was a coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the marketplace,” Mr. Matze wrote.

Parler executives have previously told The Wall Street Journal that the company has been working to bolster its content-moderation efforts. In recent days, they said, Parler doubled its team of volunteer moderators—called “jurors”—to more than a thousand and instructed them to search popular hashtags for incitement, a more proactive approach than what was used previously. The company also instructed its jurors to hunt down any content suggesting violence within the comment sections of its more highly trafficked sections, and planned to hire employees to bolster these efforts, they said.

Our Big Tech masters demand Parler add AI but that intrudes on readers’ privacy and Parler executives have vowed not to do that. They want to follow the 4th Amendment. The Tech Giants won’t accept that. They care nothing about the 4th Amendment.

In a letter over the weekend, Amazon Web Services said Parler wasn’t, in Amazon’s view, effectively able to remove content that encourages or incites violence, in violation of Amazon policies. Following the attack on the Capitol last week, the letter cited a risk that content on Parler could incite further violence, and said it would suspend Parler’s account on Sunday at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. Amazon said in the letter that it would preserve Parler’s data and help it migrate to different servers.

They want the same kind of censorship you see on FB and Twitter. FB has Soros fact-checkers and people tied to communist China. Candace Owens is suing them for that reason.

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Star Wars Main Theme
Star Wars Main Theme
3 years ago

First Amendment? Yea not so much.
Let’s hope that comrade kommissar Bezos and the other RATS turn against each other and leave us alone for a few minutes.
I know but dreams are free and just like that Cantina Bar scene! Bwahaha!
Instant morale boost and it goes well with this fresh hell clown shit show.
Carry on.

The Spokesman
The Spokesman
3 years ago

Iranian Mullah has “unrestricted” Facebook and Twitter access yet US President and US Citizens get Censored!!
Welcome to Chimerica!