Pelosi insists no re-opening, just trillion dollar redistribution of wealth packages


The ‘science’ telling us we have to track down people who have been in contact with people who have the virus amounts to a handful of doctors at the CDC and NIH. They are career bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Fauci never had a practice and went right into government work. Fifty years of unionized employment, a steady salary, and always being told how great he is. We’re certain all of his evaluations were outstanding. But, what he isn’t, is reality-based.

When we do see a reasonable doctor in the field, he is banned from social media, like Dr. Erickson.

Speaker Pelosi wants to delay the opening of government, with little regard for the businesses going under. She insists on unnecessary testing and tracking people down before anything opens. It’s more of her political game-playing which she started on day one.


Pelosi came out today with an 1800-page $3 trillion, trillion-dollar with a ‘t’ ‘relief package, filled with socialist goodies. Part of her plan is to plug up holes in the budgets of blue state and local governments that were poorly managed.

The one thing she won’t do is include the two things Republicans wanted — tax cuts and liability protection.


We can’t open until we know all there is to know, according to Pelosi. A third of our small businesses have gone under and big corporations, that were struggling because of the Internet, are filing for bankruptcy protection. Middle-class Americans are on breadlines. She doesn’t care at all. Her solution is to redistribute all the wealth and get Americans to accept this as the ‘new normal.’

She wants communist Universal Basic Income and subsidized everything. Once these freebies are in place, we won’t be the USA any longer. We’ll just be another socialist nation heading for Venezuela.


She wants to keep spending, add welfare, and make sure every person who comes here illegally gets it so they vote Democrat.


Pelosi is playing politics and could care less about Americans:

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