Perfectly normal behavior in New York City


Serious crime spiked across most major categories amid another plunge in arrests last week, NYPD statistics showed Monday — and sources said the bloodshed would have been even worse if not for the lousy weekend weather.

And amid a doubling of incidents in the transit system and a more than fourfold skyrocketing of hate crimes, the only bright spots were drops in murders and burglaries.

It’s not surprising. The police can’t do their jobs. They have zero support from the administration.

Perfectly Normal Behavior

As a result, the police are taking way too much abuse. For example, they answered a call of a shooting in Harlem. When the police got there, the locals started attacking the police.

Just so you know, here in New York City, we have no-go zones for white people. Harlem is one of them. It’s becoming a nogo zone for the police as well.


The locals also trashed the streets in honor of George Floyd:

Every day, there are people attacked in our subways. Yet, the mayor, communist Bill de Blasio, said the subways are perfectly safe. That’s a lie, of course.

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