‘President Harris’ is trending, striking fear in the hearts of normal people


Joe Biden performed terribly during his press conference today. You can catch his speech on this link but it would be less painful to self-flagellate. He is responsible for the deaths of 12 soldiers, the injuring of another 18, and the deaths of who knows how many Afghan refugees.

Many are calling for his resignation, and many would like to see a trial. He’s a doddering, drooling man who is unfit.

Fox reporter Lucas Tomlinson tweeted: Today marks the deadliest day for U.S. forces in combat since the downing of a U.S. CH-47D chinook helicopter ten years ago in Afghanistan call sign “Extortion 17”

Get ready for President Harris, a clueless communist. She’s clearly not ready to be President but she’s all we have.

Joe Biden is getting worse and he is responsible for the crisis in Afghanistan, or at least he’s the figurehead who is responsible.

As our border csar, Kamala is still looking for the causes of immigration. When she goes overseas, she makes a fool of herself and angers people. While in Singapore, they offered help to the US in Kabul and she dismissed them.

Here she is on stranded Americans:

She is said to be very unlikeable. Her poll numbers are bad with her favorability at 45% and unfavorability at 48%.

Democrats are likely concerned about her in the role but they are running out of options. Those 81 million people who voted for him — allegedly — should rethink their voting choices.

Sean Parnell said he has “lost the moral authority to lead our nation.”

According to NBC News, Harris canceled her appearance with Gavin Newsom and went right to D.C. She is in discussions with WOKE Defense Secretary Austin.

Some people suggested it was for phone sex, what else?

It’s so terrifying to say the words – ‘President Harris,’ but it is trending. Many are thinking this is coming. I’m surprised Biden lasted as long as he has.

Willie Brown’s former girlfriend is going to be worse than Joe Biden. She will make a useful tool of the hard-left.


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10 months ago

The consequence of Traitor Joe’s removal would be Heels Up Harris which would probably make things worse. This is what happens when the States allow an election to be Stolen. There is probably only two ways to correct this before 2024. The Supreme Court could rule the Election was a Fraud and declare President Trump the real winner, but the States would probably have to agree and sent a new slate of people to an Electoral College. The other is an Article 5 Convention. The Convention could Declare the 2020 Election a Fraud and require a new Electoral College to meet to select a President. The real issue that got us here is States requiring the Electoral College to vote in accordance with the “so called” popular vote. My read of the Constitution is that the Electors are to be independent and vote as they chose and “requiring” them to vote in accordance with the “Popular Vote” is un-Constitutional. The Electoral College was supposed to be a fail safe to preclude the possibility of the election of a popular old fool as President. Traitor Joe and Heels Up Harris is what happens when you don’t follow the Law and the Constitution to the letter. Since the Law was not followed to the letter in many States, the Supreme Court should rule that the Election was Fraudulent and the State Legislatures must immediately send Electors to Washington to vote for a new President.

Some have considered the possibility of Present Trump running for the House in 2022. With the Republicans taking over Congress in 2023, President Trump could become Speaker. The Congress could then Impeach both the President and Vice President and President Trump would take over the office. This still means 18 more months of WOKE Communist Democrat damage to the Country.

Zimbabwe Yes We Can
Zimbabwe Yes We Can
10 months ago

@ Para,

One of the Squad members?

10 months ago

One thing which has been overlooked…
“Who’ll be appointed as the back ally bar whores’ VP ?”
This should be cause of cause of fear…

10 months ago
Reply to  M Dowling

The Democrat dream would be taking out Heels Up Harris and Installing Pelosi as President with Schumer as VP.

May The Rake Be With You
May The Rake Be With You
10 months ago

The WAR on YT will intensify under the clueless cackling commie cretin
Look up USMC General Higginbotham for the goods on this Long March fellow traveler red diaper CPUSA/CCP true believer.