Psaki asked: What’s Joe’s favorite ice cream flavor as he kills US jobs


Jen Psaki says she takes the tough questions in stride. She allegedly took questions unvetted from her phone in the clip below, but, alas, the nature of the questions appeared to be planted.

For example, one of the hard-hitting news questions was what is Joe’s favorite ice cream.

Psaki noted that he allegedly has a giant freezer with ice cream but she hasn’t found it yet. If he does, he’s just like Marie Antoinette Pelosi in that regard.

We now live at the onset of a fake world like that of the former Soviet Republic. All our news media are propagandists and the White House personnel are frauds.

Watch to find out his favorite ice cream flavor and other earth-shattering announcements as he signs our liberties, our borders, right to conscience, and energy sector away with executive actions:

Biden doesn’t like custard managers. He called one a “smarta$$.”

We remember how the media reacted when Donald Trump ate dessert. It was called dessert-gate.

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