Rep. Chip Roy Says It Out Loud: Islamist Takeover of the UK


We don’t have many in Congress who tell the truth, but Rep. Chip Roy does. He can’t believe no one is responding to the Islamist takeover of England. As Sentinel reported, dozens of Muslims who think October 7 was a good idea were elected to public office in England.

He noted that we have to worry about Shariah Law being forced on the American people and asked what are we doing to our Jewish Americans. He should have added Christian Americans. We have been demonized since Barack Obama condemned us for our beliefs in God and the Second Amendment at a prayer breakfast.

“In the United Kingdom, people who want to see Israel’s destruction, who were happy about October 7th,” Roy said, “who were elected in the United Kingdom, some might say that we’ve seen that here in the United States. What are we going to do about that?


“Fifty-one and a half million people are foreign-born in the United States. They have about 20 to 25,000,000 kids. That puts well over 20% of our population in the highest such number in our country’s history.

“Are we teaching people about Western civilization? Are we teaching people about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law… Western values: Are we teaching them that God exists, or are we teaching them the importance of freedom?”

He added: Or, are we teaching an entire generation or two or three to run around complaining about what’s wrong? And why the entire world is against them because of their skin color, their sex, their supposed gender identity, or whatever the hell category we create to make people have an excuse not just to step up and achieve the American dream?

We need action, but Democrats won’t stop, and Republicans enable this catastrophe. They won’t fight.


We’re importing a rape culture into the West.

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