Rep. Gaetz sees the CCP and US government fusing over like-interests


Rep. Matt Gaetz thinks we are seeing a “fusion” of interests of the Chinese Communist Party and the U.S. Government. During an interview with Steve Bannon, Gaetz said the CCP covered up COV-19 and the Western media helped them do it.

He said the virus has “potential military origins in the Chinese communist party.”

“As you know, it is the Chinese Communist Party that is most culpable, but as your reporting at The National Pulse seems to evidence each and every day, we are seeing a fusion of the interest of the Chinese Communist Party and much of the apparatus of the United States government. The Fauci emails demonstrate how tied in U.S. scientists and researchers were to these activities in Wuhan, which were precisely the activities that birthed this virus onto the world. And now we see an FBI that missed a major call that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.”

As he said, they are metastisizing into corporations and buying our politicians, which makes it hard to get to the bottom of it.

He didn’t have much good to say about Christopher Wray either. He said that maybe if the FBI wasn’t so busy “categorizing” our military or investigating nooses in garages, they could investigate the CCP and the virus.




  1. The common interest is that Fauci was financing a Biological Warfare Weapon in Wuhan on the soil of a Hostile Nation. Exactly why and for who, we aren’t sure yet. The CCP and Communist Democrats had a Common Interest in getting rid of Trump. I find it very hard to believe that the Communist Democrats didn’t work together to release COVID on the World Economy in the Hope of hurting the US Economy enough to take out President Trump. Both the CCP and the Communist Democrats have a Common interest in a Cover Up at this point dealing with the Wuhan Lab.

    When the Virus and Shutdowns weren’t enough to take out President Trump, the Communist Democrats had to go to The insurance Policy; Stuff Ballot Boxes to the tune of 20 Million Fraudulent Ballots in the 2020 Election. Now the Communist Democrats are dealing with two Cover Ups of the Century, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese and Big Tech helped with the Insurance Policy and are now using it to Blackmail Communist Democrats in the US Government up to and including Traitor Joe.

  2. Is there any surprise ??
    These domestic marxists, aided by their
    world-wide brotherhood, have made
    serious inroads into Our Republic,
    over the last 60 plus years.
    Or all is lost.
    Being an eighth generation AMERICAN,
    this CANNOT BE BORN.
    This Republic WILL NOT fall, on my watch.
    How about YOU ?

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