‘Reporter’ April Ryan’s One Last Smear, She Won’t Go to Sarah Sanders Party


April Ryan insulted Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her way out after she resigned as press secretary. Mean girl Ryan made sure to advertise that she’s not going to her party.

April Ryan, news propagandist

Rude Ryan dismissed outgoing White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ sendoff party hosted by members of the media, as she instead took to social media on Friday to tell Sanders, “Girl, bye.”

Ryan did her best to make Sarah Sanders look bad, maligned her, smeared her, and she owes her an apology.

There was no need for this behavior. She could have easily been gracious and Sarah Sanders would have returned the kindness. But, as usual, she chose to be nasty.

Ryan has been bashing Sanders on the radio, on social media, wherever she can.


Of all the petty reporters, she is the worst. She’s the female version of Jim Acosta.

Ryan continually calls Sanders a liar and talks about lopping off her head. At one point, she demanded Sanders pay for her security, blaming her for alleged threats against her.

And who can forget Piegate? Ryan accused Sanders of faking a photo of a pie Sarah made and posted to social media. When Sanders made the same pie for her, she refused to eat any of it, suggesting it was poison.

Ryan is called a ‘news analyst’ but she is just a hit woman charged with making vile accusations against the administration.

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