Science no longer justifies lockdowns & the destruction it wreaks (quick read)


Tucker did an outstanding job last night of explaining how much less deadly coronavirus is and how unsuccessful we have been in containing it (we have the clip).

The media and so-called reporters are ignoring the science because it doesn’t fit the narrative. However, you’ve been warned by actual scientists in the field, not desk jockeys like Tony and Deb.

The WSJ found “The speed with which lockdowns were imposed in the U.S. has essentially no correlation with Covid-19 death rates.”

From the Journal:

We ran a simple one-variable correlation of deaths per million and days to shutdown, which ranged from minus-10 days (some states shut down before any sign of Covid-19) to 35 days for South Dakota, one of seven states with limited or no shutdown. The correlation coefficient was 5.5%—so low that the engineers I used to employ would have summarized it as “no correlation” and moved on to find the real cause of the problem. (The trendline sloped downward—states that delayed more tended to have lower death rates—but that’s also a meaningless result due to the low correlation coefficient.)

No conclusions can be drawn about the states that sheltered quickly, because their death rates ran the full gamut, from 20 per million in Oregon to 360 in New York. This wide variation means that other variables—like population density or subway use—were more important. Our correlation coefficient for per-capita death rates vs. the population density was 44%. That suggests New York City might have benefited from its shutdown—but blindly copying New York’s policies in places with low Covid-19 death rates, such as my native Wisconsin, doesn’t make sense.

Watch Tucker’s summary:

Lockdowns are destroying our medical system:

Yet, academic Dr. Birx said this:

She says this as it destroys the U.S. economy and livelihoods:

Democrats want this to continue indefinitely, perhaps into 2021.

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