Sen. Cruz Warns Trump Against Gun Bill or Expect a President Warren in 2020


Senator Ted Cruz gave fair warning to President Trump and the GOP Thursday to not okay the Toomey-Manchin bill, which is largely considered a Trojan Horse. He believes we will end up with a President Warren.

“If Republicans abandon the Second Amendment and demoralize millions of Americans who care deeply about Second Amendment rights, that could go a long way to electing a President Elizabeth Warren,” Cruz said at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor when asked about the prospect of Trump endorsing a modified version of Manchin-Toomey.


Cruz warned that Democrats are highly motivated and there will be record-breaking turnout in 2020. He asserted that we need the same enthusiasm among Republicans.

“We’re going to see record-shattering Democratic turnout. The only element missing to ensure Democratic victory is demoralizing conservatives so they stay home. I hope we don’t do that. I think that would be a serious mistake,” Cruz said in response to speculation that Trump may strike a deal with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), Manchin and Toomey to significantly expand background check requirements.

“It would also be a serious mistake as a policy matter. The Democrats’ proposal would not have prevented any of these mass murders. We ought to be focusing seriously, substantively on how you stop these horrific crimes and what they’re proposing wouldn’t do it,” he added.


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Cruz said he’s not opposed to strengthening the National Instant Criminal Background Check System and is pushing a bill co-sponsored with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), that would improve and reauthorize grants for the database, increase federal prosecution of gun violence, and criminalize the straw purchasing of firearms and gun trafficking.

“What I’m proposing has a far greater likelihood of preventing these kinds of crimes,” he said.

Cruz believes a national firearms registry is likely “the objective of many of the congressional Democrats” pushing universal background checks.

Cruz said, “the approach that I’m pushing, focus on the felons, the fugitives, those with dangerous mental illnesses, that would prevent far more of these mass murders while at the same time protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.”


Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Schumer want a version of HR 8. They passed it earlier this year. They incorporated stringent gun control in a bill to protect women from abusers. The bill goes beyond Federal law which bars convicted abusive spouses from purchasing guns. The language is too broad.

The data mining from this bill will set up the framework for a potential national registry. While it does not establish a national registry, there is a dangerous exception which allows the DOJ to pass any regulations he wants.

The bill also proposes a study to determine whether medical doctors and other mental health professionals have the ability, without negative legal or professional consequences, to notify law enforcement officials when a patient is a danger to himself or others. This would be done without due process and would require the patient to go through difficult bureaucratic procedures to get his/her gun rights back. Due process is ignored under this clause.

Additionally, under the bill, actions which qualify as stalking don’t have to be threatening or even involve any physical touching.

“How it’s written right now, you could be convicted for a misdemeanor stalking offense for a tweet that causes someone emotional distress and then you would be prohibited from owning a firearm,” Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the NRA, further explained to the New York Times.

The media and the Democrats are lying about the bill, claiming it will close dangerous loopholes and will simply expand background checks to all gun show and internet sales but exempt sales between family members and friends.

It’s so much more than that.



  1. These politicos are so concerned with some mass shootings, but never mention the babies murdered at Planned Parenthood on a daily basis.

  2. I remember watching a youtube video of Rahm Emanuel, who used to be in the Obongo White House during his first term in office – and Rahm was evidently speaking to an audience full of his fellow jewish liberals and white liberal leftist communists. Rahm was blabbering about the new ‘No Fly List’ that one of his fellow Commies in the DHS and Obongo White house had dreamed up and he was gushing forth with a big pile of leftist garbage about how such lists as that really made his day – and how he wanted to expand that list and anyone who’s name was added to it, should also, automatically LOSE their Second Amendment rights and have any firearms they owned forcibly confiscated by the jack booted thugs. As far as I know, the No Fly List is still active. And, has so far, never been shot down by any courts. Rahm’s idea of expanding it to include depriving citizens on the list of their 2nd Amendment rights, to my knowledge, never gained any traction.

    The No Fly List idea spawned the creation of another list – this ‘Terrorist Watch List’ – and following the pattern already set, this list is secret and nobody knows how you can get added to it, or who decides who gets added to it – and as before, there is no due process. And, Rahm’s old fantasy idea about prohibiting anyone on this list from owning a firearm is still percolating around inside the evil brains of the commies in our Congress. So, here we see a judge striking down the Terrorist
    Watch list.

    This clearly reveals a very sinister pattern and strategy by the left. The more ‘lists’ that these commies can dream up and claim are necessary ‘to protect the children, blah, blah, blah’ – the easier it is for these Bolshevik totalitarians to expand the secret criteria that allows some unelected, unaccountable government bureaucrat to swoop up the names of anyone who’s politics they do not like and add them to these lists. Goodbye 2nd Amendment rights. Goodbye freedom to fly on an airplane or buy a ticket on a bus or a train or a subway.

    Oh, and if you discover by some fluke that you are denied services of some kind or if you try to purchase a firearm and are denied and find out that you are on one of these lists – you will have to shell out thousands of dollars and hire a lawyer who will bleed you to the bone, dragging the legal process out for years as you try to clear your name and get your name taken off the list so your rights will be restored. This is what the left wants to do with these ‘red flag’ laws; create “Red Flagged Lists’.

  3. Under 300 killed by rifle in any given year versus 70 THOUSAND 200 by overdose and 32000 by vehicle yet all their attention is focused on limiting and eventually taking away the right to defend one’s self or family. If you can not see their agenda there ain’t a brick big enough to to knock the smarts into you.

  4. So, pass this law and lose the presidency because we’ll show them and let a person win who will pass even more strict laws that to lose your 2nd amendment rights (followed by the rest).

    That’s called cutting of one’s own nose to spite one’s face.

  5. Cruz ALREADY demoralized me by not taking the White House in 2016. He was clearly a better choice than Trump.

    They can do whatever they want. When guns are outlawed, I will just be an outlaw. It won’t change who I am…only what they call me…and they already call me every name in the book.

    Where then is my further disadvantage? At least I will still be able to defend myself. That is NEVER going to change.

    • I agree that Cruz would have been a good, if not great president. The problem is, the dims had years of freedom to demonize him, such that he came close to losing his senate seat to an immature poser. Trump was a dark horse that many libs and dems LIKED in the decades before 2016. The dem knives didn’t come out soon enough to stop him.

  6. Any infringement upon gun owners will result in Trump being 1 term, most will simply stay home and not vote, that is what Chuck and Nancy want. Trump is a fool if he cannot see that fact.

    • One of Trump’s biggest faults is that he tends to go off half-cocked. He blathers something before he knows all the facts. Donald Trump was a Democrat for most of his life, which tells me he is clueless as far as understanding the original intent of the Constitution. It doesn’t help that the Talk Radio talking heads give him a pass on everything. If Obama did the same as Trump, the Right would have a cow.

  7. None of the proposed “solutions” will do anything but throw more ropes around innocent people. The current system is overly restrictive as it is.
    Murder is already illegal, and that isn’t stopping criminals from doing it, and neither will any of the ridiculous new proposals either.

  8. No one, including President Trump, can eliminate a Constitutional Amendment by Executive Order. Trump even considering any such move tells me he’s either ignorant of our Constitution, or he’s a liar.

  9. If ONE MORE IOTA of INFRINGEMENT takes place against the 2nd Amendment, it will be better for the People to NOT VOTE for Trump, and allow a Democrat to be elected. When the Democrat is elected, CIVIL WAR will begin, which will then lead to the RESTORATION of the Constitution and the EXECUTION of the TRAITORS against it, at a much faster and needed rate than otherwise. The removal of the ENEMIES of America will ensue, rather than the gradual weakening and disarmament of the People, which will lead top their Deaths by Dictatorial Fascist Communist Nazi Globalist Govt.

    • This is the History we must NEVER FORGET. Please help to make that so.
      A minimum of 250 MILLION Innocents and Powerless were NOT MURDERED by the man with a gun, in the last century. They were SYSTEMATICALLY MURDERED by so-called Elected “LEADERS”, saying they had “Noble Intent” and “Good Will”, who began to see themselves as gods after they CONFISCATED the “Arms” of the People, then having TOTAL POWER to do as they willed, choosing who would live and who would die.
      They began with CENSORSHIP and SURVEILLANCE of the People, INVADING their PRIVACY, then progressing to the Denigration and Weaponization of WORDS, SPEECH and RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. They used POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and PROPAGANDA to destroy TRUTH and JUSTICE, Infiltrating into the Education Systems to INDOCTRINATE the children.
      They then created FALSE ATTACKS to institute the removal of the basic RIGHTS of the People. They Demonized certain groups of People, and pitted “Differences” against each other – DIVIDING THE PEOPLE. These “LEADERS” did exactly what the DEMOCRAT PARTY, RINO’s, Mainstream Banker Media, FBI, CIA, NSA, FIVE EYES, etc. are doing today, and have done in the past 30-50 years within our Govt., and other Govts. around the world, to destroy them and mold them into their own scheme. SAME Program – SAME Results. SAME EVIL SATANIC ORIGIN.
      They now have a NEW TACTIC whereby they create MYRIAD LAWS to make everyone a Criminal, to remove their Rights of Self Defense. Then they change Laws that make it all right for them to LIE to the American People, as if this is some “Noble” act. ALL Liars are CRIMINALS and ENEMIES of the People that they SERVE. The People are not their SUBJECTS who serve them, which is what they now think and try to make the People believe.
      People are defeated when they turn from the Law of their God, or are manipulated to do so, as Baalim taught the kings of old, to defeat God’s People. Then Evil can take hold, Destroying and Corrupting the entire Society. It is called the “Demoralization of Mankind”. It is exactly what is being orchestrated in America today.
      Same as it ever was. Yet, as Generations come and go, the new are unaware of what has been, unto their demise. But even then, the powerful machine created by evil, somehow convinces People that up is down, and left is right. All having to do with turning their back on God, who would otherwise protect them and lead them to truth and discernment, for which they would not eventually be MURDERED en masse by so-called Good Willed “Common Sense””LEADERS”.
      By the Constitution and 2nd Amendment, which GOVERNS Congress and the President, NO Authority LAWFULLY exists to create ANY CODE or LAW against such. BY the PEOPLE, FOR the PEOPLE, is the LAW. BLOOD BOUGHT LAW. – Not “BY” Banker bought BS Politicians/TRAITORS.

  10. “…will simply expand background checks to all gun show and internet sales.”

    Can’t buy a gun in either case without a back ground check. Buy one off the internet, it only goes to the buyer through an FFL gun dealer.

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