Shocking Fascism from a Canadian Journalist (audio), Neo-Nazis, and Burning Churches


Journalist James Mennie is calling for a fascist approach and violence to deal with the truckers. He laughed at the thought of the suffering that will follow them when the strike is over. This man, like Trudeau and his government, care nothing for the suffering that drove these truckers to protest in the first place.

Trudeau was elected with 32% of the vote, behind his conservative opponent, but parliamentary rules allowed him to become Prime Minister once again. He does not have a mandate to do what he’s doing.

Absolute Fascism

This Gazette journalist, James Mennie, in Montreal, thinks going after the truckers’ money is “brilliant.” He gloated over the fact that suffering might follow them, that “when they finally do leave Ottawa, they won’t leave Scott free. That this is going to follow them around for a long, long time.”

Perhaps he’s also referring to the doxing, which could have been done by the media.

Laughing, he says anyone who has” problems with the bank or the revenue department, you’d wish you had beaten up Don Corleone than you’d taken on the CRA.”

He then said the Trudeau-Freeland performance was “marvelous political theater yesterday.” He thinks “Chrystia Freeland will be the next Prime Minister of Canada, come Hell or high water.”

“That being said…,” he continued, “We still have to get boots on the ground. The departure of Chief Sloly, I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll see those boots deployed sooner rather than later. But in the end, we will need boots on the ground.”

With a lilt in his voice, he said “the bankers will do a good job” but “to get that real estate free,” it’s gonna take cops so we’re just going to wait and see whether it was a problem at the top with the Ottawa police department that led to all this inaction or whether the problem is more widespread.”

Snidely, he says, “But, bottom line, to paraphrase a saying about warfare, it’s gonna be somebody with a riot shield, and a baton, and a gun on their hip that’s gonna have to settle this.”

He’s calling for violence against his suffering fellow Canadians, working men, and women who are struggling under the weight of Trudeau oppression. The vaccine mandate for truckers, impelled by Joe Biden, was only the last straw.

Listen to this fascist, violent ‘journalist’:


As for his dream of seeing Chrystia Freeland as the next Prime Minister, her support to neo-Nazis and her association with George Soros should keep her from office. But, instead, it will help her.

Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian finance minister who calls truckers ‘terrorists’, has a dark family secret. Her grandfather, Mykhailo Chomiak, was a German Nazi propagandist right up to the German surrender. Chomiak’s family only moved to Canada after the Third Reich was defeated. The problem is she still supports Nazis.

She, herself, a loyal Ukrainian, helped arm the anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine, including the Azovs. Chrystia Freeland, as the Foreign Minister of one of the world’s more resilient liberal democracies, sold arms and sent Canadian soldiers to train neo-Nazi groups in the name of holding back Russian military aggression.

Freeland is also known for schmoozing with the evil leftist George Soros.


A famous historical statue, “Gassy Jack” Deighton was torn down in Vancouver this past weekend by communist women’s marchers. Deighton allegedly murdered indigenous women which is completely untrue. In fact, he had two indigenous wives.

Trudeau didn’t say a word.

In July 2021, Canadian communists burned down 50 churches with the approval of the State.

Trudeau did nothing and said he could understand why they were upset.

Trudeau can arrest pastors and put fences around their churches to prevent services, but he can’t do a thing about stopping the Left from burning them to the ground?

“I understand the anger that’s out there,” Trudeau said. In 2017, he said, “Christians are the worst part of Canadian society.”

Trudeau’s advisor Gerry Butts — once fired for corruption and rehired — said the anger of the indigenous people is “fully understandable given the shameful history. He might as well have said, go burn down the churches.

They are more than indigenous, they’re violent communists.

It was done in response to a mass grave hoax.

The head of a so-called Civil Liberties Association, Harsha Walia, an indigenous Canadian, tweeted, “Burn it all down.”

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