Shocking video from Maricopa County audit status and the DoJ


The video below is of a shocking interview with Liz Harris on the Stew Peters show. Ms. Harris is a volunteer for the Maricopa County audit.

First of all, she couldn’t say much because of the non-disclosure agreement but, based on the audit, she believes the election was fraudulent and all the things you’ve heard will be confirmed.

Liz Harris revealed details about the Arizona audit. Then she shocked Peters when she said that those canvassing neighborhoods may actually be targeted by the DOJ, and arrested for ‘voter intimidation,’ despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of voters thank the volunteers for their efforts.

In addition to the DOJ, an unknown entity is paying for misleading ads attempting to taint the image of those looking for election integrity.

The leftist group, “Protect Democracy,” a DNC affiliate, is running ads to entice voters to give them “voter intimidation” ammunition for the DOJ to use against the audit workers.

Ms. Harris said fake audit canvassers are actually intimidating voters. That is something leftists do at any significant Republican rally – send in ringers.

The Conservative Treehouse thinks it was the work of Bob Creamer which is a real possibility. We have quite a few articles on Creamer but we doubt he’s the only one who does this.


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