So Confused! Andrea Mitchell Says No Congresspeople Are Socialists


Major liar and potential crackhead Andrea Mitchell, who leftists think is an outstanding reporter, said none of these far-far-left congresspeople are socialists. In fact, all four of the squad members admit they are Democratic Socialists.

The ‘democratic’ in democratic socialists is a fraud by the way. It only means you get to vote once, maybe twice, for your oppressors.

Could she possibly believe this or is she just trying to make anti-Trump news?

Andrea Mitchell is a very confused individual. She has in the past compared illegal aliens to Holocaust victims and blamed Trump for House candidate Gianforte body-slamming an opponent.

She lied on air and called Brenda Snipes a Republican. Snipes is the notoriously crooked Broward Country official who was monkeying with the votes.



    • Actually, I believe I agree with her statement that the current Dems are not socialists–they have gone to complete communist and completely abandoned any policies so mild as to be labeled only socialist in nature.

  1. They are not ‘congresspeople’. They are congressmen. English is a tricky language. Not that hard when you spend some time with it.

    I will die before I will surrender to PC speak. And if you are going to send the thought police, I will paraphrase from an Oregon senator, ‘send bachelors and come heavily armed’.

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